Friday, 10 December 2010

Meet Our Artisans; Peter Smith

Hello All, 

We're starting a new series today where you can meet our lovely artisans. Hopefully you've noticed and had the chance to fondle our hand made products, we're over the moon that we been able to provide a platform for talented artists and crafters. I spend half of my days talking about how wonderful and creative these people are but here's your chance to get to know them a little better without me getting in the way. 

We're starting with one of our very favourites: Pete Smith (aka Wikkidknitter on rav). He's a young lad with big potential who's been at the very heart of the shop since its inception (honestly, once you've given him a cup of tea you just can't get rid of him...). 

Pete knits, crochets, tats, sews, beads and spins like a man possessed. You'll find his creations in the circular display cabinet in the shop and it'll be with us on every outing because of its popularity. We chatted with him to find out a bit more about his motivation. 

"I have been knitting most of my life and started to spin yarns on a drop spindle just over a year ago when I noticed Eleanor was using one and was fascinated by it. I got my first spinning wheel a few months after, one thing led to another and it just sort of took off and I love it!! my favorite fibers to work with.... anything soft or shiny!! Also I have been making jewellery and stitch markers for a few years but working with yarn and spinning are my main passions.

The items that I sell in the shop include jewellery, hand-spun yarns, a few hand knits from time to time and some stitch markers, though my focus is mainly on the hand spun yarns as I enjoy spinning the most.

I like doing lots of crafty stuff because I'm fidgety and need something to do most of the time. I wasn't known to stay still for more than a couple of minutes as a child unless I had something to do, which is still true now.

I get all sorts of reactions when spinning and knitting in public, as its not what most people someone like me doing in the middle of a cafe.
Traditionally it was the men who knitted and the women who spun, so by doing both I guess I am setting a trend for 21st century crafting to be popular amongst men once more."

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