Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Opening Times

Ooohohohohohohohoh it's bloody Christmas ain't it!? I'm having a week off but June is stepping up to the plate and I love love love love love her for that!

So - days and times we'll be open:

Monday 24th:          10.30am - 3pm.
Tuesday 25th:          Closed.
Wednesday 26th:     Closed. 
Thursday 27th:         10.30am-3pm.
Friday 28th:             10.30am - 3pm.
Saturday 29th:         10.30am - 3pm.
Sunday 30th:           Closed.
Monday 31st:          Closed. 
Tuesday 1st:            Closed. 
Wednesday 2nd:     Open as usual!!!!

I don't usually work on Mondays so I'm still having the 24th off which is marvelous because since I've been working, and I started at 11, I've never had a Christmas Eve off. I'll be spending it drunk most likely.

In other news, I didn't look like a drowned rat on Saturday evening:

And I even pulled! Not the love of my life I'm afraid but he was rather handsome and I remember him having lovely glasses. That'll show the wanky bastard! 

I'll be back during the week because I have a marvelous other Christmas idea that takes about ten minutes. I just have to work out how to take photos without a camera seeing as I drunkenly broke my phone on Saturday. Pulled then broke phone - equilibrium. 

I'm off to finish another Christmas present! (Still on track. Crossed fingers.). 

Love Eleanor.

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