Thursday, 21 February 2013

Warning, cross posted to my own blog......if you read both then this is not deja vu, just sorta deja blog !!

So here I talked about washing the fleece, so here is what came next.
Whilst the fleece was still damp I placed it in a large cat litter tray which is one of my standard pieces of dyeing equipment ready to add the dyes. I generally use either colour craft all in one acid dyes or Landscape dyes depending on the colour needed although I will soon be in need of a restock so will expand the colour range at that point.  I mix a little of the dye powder/crystals with hot water in a jar then top it up with cold water. Now I know that people would like to know how much dye powder but I generally dilute and mix until I get a shade I want!!!
Care should be taken when handling dyes and associated chemicals - rubber gloves and protective clothing should be worn when necessary.  Precautions should be taken to avoid accidental ingestion, inhalation and skin & eye contact.  Keep containers closed and away from young children.  
Once I've added the dyes, taking care not to get  the fleece too wet, I wrap it in cling film ready to go in the steamer.
My electric steamer has three units so I can steam quite a large quantity in one go, it is also kept for dyeing only. Once the fleece has cooled completely, I give it a good rinse, a quick spin in the washer and hang it out to dry or near a radiator in this case.
I'm sorry that this photo is a little dark and doesn't show that the dye doesn't penetrate all the fibre in this case.
this is a little better, shows the variation of colour.
using the wool combs produces lovely little nests of fibre ready to be spun
resulting in this..................
washed and hanging out to dry
waiting to be balled up and sent to its new home
I hope this wasn't too boring for you, I had promised to show how I coloured the fleece xx
This wool will be winging its way out of the country soon, I have some natural brown Bond fleece on the wheel at the moment which I am hoping to knit up will be posted!!

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