Friday, 9 August 2013

Explaining the Amy Singer Love.

Things have calmed down a little now. The press release still needs to go out but it's written (we've decided we're going to aim high and send it to the national press. omg.), the tickets are designed and need to be sent to the printers, I need to carve out a bit of time to take all the bits that I've done to Knitworking and Yarn and then it's just a case of sitting back and crossing my fingers that we at least make the money back for this massive event. But I went to Dee's last night, and she's excited because she can see that I'm excited, but she's not that sure about who Amy Singer is and why this is such a big deal. And it is a big deal! So, let me talk to you - a little more calmly than I have been doing - about why this is brill for all of us!

So, Amy describes herself as a 'writer, editor, ukelelist, fair-weather scooter and fond of rabbits'. I now know her to be funny, friendly and organised too. My favourite combination in a person. 

Her most famous endeavour is without doubt I would be totally shocked if you can get onto the internet enough to read this and hadn't come across it in some form even if you hadn't realised how brill it is. It's an online magazine that comes out four times a year and features the most fantastic patterns, reviews, how-to's, knitting history and spinning info. And it's free! Knitty is currently celebrating it's tenth anniversary. Tenth! 

That's 10 whole years of free stuff! 

Now, there are a lot of places to get free patterns online right? And some of them are truly terrible right? Not Knitty. On Knitty you can get the most fantastic free patterns - properly complicated stuff from properly famous designers. And also properly complicated patterns from properly unfamous designers - giving them a leg up. And properly not complicated designs from properly famous and properly not famous designers. Let me shut up and show you:

Oranje is from Knitty by Ann Weaver.

And that's just three things that I love because I've made them but look here, that's 43 issues hundreds and hundreds of patterns. What I love about Knitty is that fact that the sizes are inclusive. Mythos for example starts at a 32" chest and finishes at 56". I can't think of another pattern platform that regularly includes that kind of size variety. 

Here, I've just picked out a random issue - Spring/Summer 2011 - and there are socks, cardigans, summer tops, a blanket, toys and shawls - lace, cables, textured knits, colourwork and felting - easy stuff, hard stuff and everything in between. 

For free. 

And, and I can't credit Amy solely for this, because it's on the internet if there are any mistakes (and designers are only human) things can be updated as soon as they're found. Much better than a print magazine (I might have a story to tell you about this one day but not now). 

So, this is like a love letter for Amy Singer because she makes this happen and has done for the last decade. As well as designing herself and writing and contributing to lots of books  she's provided us this huge resource that everybody can afford (it's free!) and it's for everybody - beginner and old hand, cable master or spinner, little or large alike. Amy knows and loves us knitters and that's why I'm confident that she's the right person for us to spend loads of money on. I'm going to be awestruck when I meet her - such a brilliant woman. 

Hey - I got a bit caught up and look what I found: 

<3 p="">

Phwoooooooooooar - look at that knitwear! It's the Argentiere from... you guessed it... Knitty Winter 2012.

See - inclusive for all you male knitters! 

I love Amy, and once you've booked on the lesson/s that takes your fancy/ies I think you will too. Or at least you can come to the booze up (sorry, polite, refined, 'Evening With Amy Singer'). 

Hope that helps some of you that were feeling a little lost - Dee?!

Love Eleanor. :)

P.s. Seeing as I've mentioned Dee so much, I ought to point you in the direction of her blog and you won't want to miss that it has the sweetest (kinda) picture of her cat playing with wool. Taking a Yarn Trip.

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  1. thanx for exposing my ignorance, all in the name of a good cause, eh?! what does a freeformer know of such queens of the pattern world? but i do NOW and NOW i jump up and down and say YAY!!! AMY SINGER is coming to NOTTINGHAM!
    oh and i've always liked oranje, makes me think of bulgarian glazed pottery ;)