Saturday, 9 November 2013


So. Neon, ey? What a trend. What a beautiful beautiful trend. Well, I'm slightly late, because apparently it was a trend in summer 2013... However, nobody presented me with neon cotton (ahhhh, neon Cotton Bamboo. Be still my beating heart... Maybe one day King Cole!?). The lovely Jem, however, presented me with neon chunky just a couple of weeks ago (and neon sock yarn though that's stuck somewhere in the annals of Regia's warehouse, be patient). And I've gone a bit mad.

The first thing I did was these beauts:

The main yarn there is the Lova Superchunky in the Beige/Pink (love an inspiring name...) and the contrast in the Pink in the Boston Chunky. I knocked them out on Wednesday (I think) which is the first day they came in. Somebody described them as 'oven mitts' the other day, obvs she's off the Christmas card list, but she's kind of right... they ended up a bit big. So be it. They're warm.

The next day was the first full day that these beauts were in the shop and the lovely Robin came in looking for some inspiration. Now, Robin's a man who loves a bright colour (and ponchos.... tssk...) so eventually we came up with a combo of deep navy, bright shocking red and the neon orange for a cowl. The background was to be navy with intarsia cable columns alternating red and orange. Seriously. Phwoooooar! If that wasn't the last ball of the red (and the last ball of the navy before our order appears) I'd have totes cast that on and been happy with it. Unfortunately a navy backgrounded, alternating cable columned cowl isn't much fun in just neon orange. So I had to make do.

LOOK! Look at what I've gorn and done...

Can you see? That was definitely the best photo I could do in the circumstances...

It's a blady jumper ain't it!? Can you imagine how beautiful this is going to be!? IMAGINE!!! It's got a beige Grousemoor Chunky background and I've done cable columns in the neon yellow Boston Chunky.

I did a gauge swatch. Let me repeat. I did a guage swatch.

On 7.5mm needles. 3 stitches per inch. Cast on 90. Did a bit of rib. Couple of rows in the neon to start off with and then began my cables. They're 4 stitch cables, cable forward I think but I'm doing it without a cable needle and it seems to matter less. I did 6 cables all around because in my head that meant that there were then 8 sections of beige and I could just do an increase every beige section a bit like a top down raglan but not on any proper lines. But apparently 6 cables meant 7 beige sections which meant that I did one increase per section and then an extra increase in one section per increase row and I moved the section that I did the extra in on by one each time. Does that make sense? Anyway, that increase rate kind of worked until I started 'fading out' the cable columns (as in, each cable sort of whisps away at differing points) and then I got too confused and just did some increasing where I fancied it.

Once it looked about right, as in the ribbing was where I wanted it and the knitting reached almost to my arm pit, I divided the jumper - a 6th for each sleeve, a third for the front and a third for the back (roughly, there was a totes random amount of stitches, like 213 or something so I put a bit more in the sleeves and front than the back).

Now all of the cables have whisped away, I'm ready to join in the round and I want to do some shaping like the Owls Jumper and then I haven't decided if the sleeves should be full or 3/4. We'll see. Top down knitting is just full of decisions (and surprises).

There is an extra design feature thing but I'm going to tell you about that when I'm done because try as I might I just can't explain that to you without sounding like an absolute mental. Suffice to say, it involves buttons and I am v. excited!!!

I'm hoping to have the body done by tonight and maybe the sleeves by tomorrow, pick up buttons on Monday and present the finished article by Tuesday. Hahaha. We'll see.

Are you excited?!!?!?! Me too!!!

So, finally a montage:

The Lova Superchunky which totes looks more impressive in real life. Seriously, it coaxed Jazz out of her yarn diet. 

 Look how happy she is with her funky bag. Haha. Love Jazz! :)

And Boston Chunky which has totally stolen my heart. Ahhhhhhhh. 

And that's your lot. I have to tidy before the lesson tomorrow and clean this bloody toilet which is a disgrace on my good housewife name. 

Love Eleanor. xxxxxx

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