Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Where on earth does the time go!?!?

So, today was all planned. Last little bits of accounts (read: making it pretty), sew up a jumper that I stole from a customer (more on that another day), answer e-mails, follow up some e-mails from the last few weeks that haven't been replied to, tidy up a little, write a blog about Yarndale, go to knit club.


 The bloody trams happened didn't they? I'm almost sounding like a Beestonite now - Allison will be pleased - but seriously, 40 minutes to make a two minute journey is just a little bit over the top now. No? Anyway. I was late by a couple of minutes, bumped into the lovely Iris and walked up with her. We were having a good old chinwag when somebody from Notts TV came in asking if we were doing anything for National Knitting Week. Ummmm. Nah. It's knitting week every week innit? Anyway, he wants me for some filming and I want to be famous (mwahahaha) so I said yes which meant that me and Iris got ourselves sorted out quick rather than meandering and discussing life as we do but that left piles of wool all over which might well have been sorted slowly as we were talking but weren't because we were being fast. Then he did some initial filming (the rest will be live tonight) and then he popped off. Then I had customer after customer creating their own little piles until I had an amount of piles that took an hour and a half to sort. Ahhh well, at least it's basically stroking wool.

So, here I am. I've tidied (although two more piles have been created), I've answered e-mails and caught up on one e-mail that I should have received two weeks or so ago, I've eaten some lunch and served lots of customers but nothing else has been done. I'm 35 minutes away from when I have to set off to the tv and in that time I really ought to do something about my (haggard) face for the tv. It's been a hard weekend - goose fairing, playing mahjong, eating and drinking too much.

But I couldn't leave the Yarndale post any longer because that would be ridiculous wouldn't it? So. I've set up an album on Facebook with all of the photos that I've borrowed *cough*stolen but referenced*cough* from customers - and hopefully there'll be more to add as more people send them in. You can find that by clicking here (even if you're not on facebook I think - it should be pretty open). And then I've chosen my favourite few to showcase here. Good. Yeah?

 That, to me, is just the most inviting basket ever. And I didn't see it! This is one of Sue's photos and this is the information she posted with it: "Lovely yarn from Teeswater sheep. The stallholder, Freda Pilkington, was extremely helpful and reassuring to a beginner like me. http://www.teeswaterwools.co.uk/"

I must admit I love all of Lindsay's (is that how you spell it?! I know it's a weird one but she's 'Linds' on facebook and that doesn't help me!) photos - we both enjoy colours and she's really captured that. The pants are great. Am I right in thinking they were like underwear bunting??? Somebody was talking about it t'other day. :)

And this: 

Which isn't really much to do with Yarndale but was being knitting on the day by Beccy. Linds and Becky both came on the toe up sock course the week before. It was finished on the bus home! Good job ladies and bloody brill photo.... :)

This is Steph wearing her second Sailing Pi Shawl. I ADORE Steph and her lovely smiling face. Every time she's around the place feels happier and more positive. And she's a good cuddler - even for somebody that doesn't like cuddling. :)

And this is Steph's lambala (I'm sure it's spelled differently) made in what looks like Bamboo DK (????). The idea was that you made these, from a certain pattern, for a certain shop (and I don't know who it was) and wore them on the day and then you got an exclusive gift from the stall which was a biscuit and a pattern. I think?? Good idea. Amazing marketing. And cute sheep. :)

So that's it. We're now 20 minutes from tv lift off and I have to get loads of stuff done. So I'm off. Sorry this is short lived. Ahhhh. One more photo: 

It's the (almost) finished jumper I was talking about last time! I've done the neckline since and that's pulled it in a bit but it now needs a wash and a dry and I should have got round to it this weekend but you know.... drinking.... goose fairing.... eating. Oh well. More photos on the day. :)
That's it. I'm gone.

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxx
 NO! I'm not gone! I'M BACK! I have to announce the winner for the free lesson:

I did the thing where I randomly select 20 names from each post again but there weren't enough to make it 20 on twitter so there were, in the end, 83 entries to this one and the winner is.....


Who is just the most lovely lady and she's getting married and... AHHH! How thrilling! A little bit of a shame that I don't get to test out the Skype method - but I'll get round to that one day (and if you want it then you need to let me know and we'll sort it).

The next, and final *sob*, part of the competition starts tomorrow. I have a real good one for you to finish off - I think you're going to luuuuuuuurve it!

Once again, 

love Eleanor. xxxxxx

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