Friday, 20 February 2015


[I started writing this on Tuesday but got caught up in something so at some point the tense changes because I've been chopping and changing bits... stick with it...]


Today has been a good day.

I do have a feeling of impending doom.

But I'm going to ignore that and carry on anyway.

I'm also going to stop starting new paragraphs with each sentence. Why on earth would I do that? Anyway, let's start from the beginning.

Firstly, I got in very early (well.... half an hour early...) to have the DOOR FIXED! You know that horrific scraping noise? Well, that started the very first day that we moved in and has been vaguely being fixed by the landlord ever since but it'd just be right back to the beginning after a couple of weeks. For one reason or another, and I've no idea what any of those reasons might be... genuinely... they decided not to fix it at all couple of months ago. They wanted me to replace it. Ha. Have you ever googled how expensive aluminium doors are? I wouldn't bother. It'll only make you sick. Then they said they'd pay half of it. Ha. have you ever googled how expensive half an aluminium door is? I wouldn't bother. It'll only make you sick and angry. So I'd kind of given up until the thought suddenly struck me that one of my lovely customers, Kate's, partner was a handyman. Somehow I remembered his name was JJ and managed to find him on a google search. Here he is!  So I rang him and left a message. He rang back and left a message. Then I rang back. And... lots of messing around, we agreed that he'd come to have a look one day when the weather was a bit better just in case he had to take the whole door off. Whilst we were arranging things, you see, it was that spell of snowy weather, not good if the door's open all day then is it? He popped round a couple of weeks ago, had a look, arranged a price and a date. Turns out it was three days after Valentine's day - Tuesday the 17th - so I called it a little romantic gift to myself. I was pleased but it meant that I had to wait a few weeks with the horrendous noise.

So, I got in early this morning, he was there ON TIME (that's a handyman... on time everybody...) ready with his bastard files. Yes, I said bastard files. WHO KNEW THAT WAS A THING?!?!?!

There's also a nice little story that goes along with this - something about them being 50 years old, or maybe more - but I couldn't concentrate because I was getting coffee, then serving customers, and dealing with the noise in my little ear because... 

In the meantime, I'd been to the doctors for something and had her look in my ear because it didn't seem right. She told me it was infected so I had to start using my antibiotics again which I dutifully did. Only, once all the.... whatever it was... was cleared, every time I put the drugs in I could feel them swishing around until 'clunk' they went through what felt like a hole and then pain. So I managed to get an emergency appointment for Tuesday afternoon and two nurses and a doctor 'didn't know what [they were] looking at'.... Haha. IT'S MY EAR FOLKS, NOT MY FOOT, MY EAR. But what they meant was, they didn't know whether they were looking at my scarred eardrum or right through a hole in my eardrum through to my... brains??? Anatomy lessons at Knit Nottingham folks. Anyway, the doctor is getting in touch with the surgeon but it's nigh on impossible to get a hold of my surgeon because she's bloody brill and dead nice and a good surgeon. I'm just a bit worried that I've MRSA'd a big hole in my eardrum and I'm deffo not doing the operation again which means no swimming ever because even those gummy earplugs don't seem to work for my strange and deformed and tiny ears. #firstworldproblems

So, back to JJ. He hammered and filed and screwed and swang on my door (and told a load of tales of corporate hellishness) :

And I now have a ferrari of a door. Seriously, not only does it not make the horrendous noise, it feels like a door should. I never knew that there was a way for a door to feel, or that my door felt like it was hanging off its hinges but there is and it does! AND NOW MY DOOR FEELS LIKE IT SHOULD! Come and try it if you don't believe me. I am mega pleased with JJ and you will be too if you're a regular and no longer have to put up with that noise. So, if you need any jobs doing, deffo get in contact. Not only is he great and reasonably priced but his partner's a knitter so money that you're giving to him will eventually come back to me and I can get you more brill wool. Yeah? Click here. Or here.
So, two good things happened that day, if you can call finding out about my earhole is a good thing... I suppose it's important to know if you have extra orifices in your head. AND THEN I DID AN EXTRA SPECIAL GOOD THING! I went and put Yarndale on t'internet! Now, usually, I do a load of blogs in the run up to this but somehow I've been struggling to find the time to do blogs (I'm planning on getting at least a couple written today to tide me over until the proper spring when I have a leeeeeettle more time). So massive apologies to anybody that finds out about these things through the blog rather than the Facebook and Twitter pages. Now we're just about half way booked now but because I've upped the coach size to 63 (or perhaps 65 but I can't remember so I'm erring on the side of caution) you still have a little time left. It's quite stressful to me to turn people away though so if you want to get on then you've got to book asap. Happily, and I didn't realise this because I'm not very good at normal pay days, we're in the run up to the raft of paydays aren't we? So, hopefully it should hit you at a good time. Wahey! Anyway, I'm doing a whole blog about this perhaps tomorrow or Sunday so in the meantime, if you know you want to, then click here to book and if you're waiting to find out why you should then come back to us for the next blog.

I think there was another brill thing that happened on Tuesday too but I can't remember it! Too bloody busy and I'm not complaining.

In the meantime, have a butchers at this:

It'll be the subject of one of them there blogs I'm going to write today... Maybe...

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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