Thursday, 27 August 2015

Oh my goodness!

Where do I start?!

I can't even begin to understand why I haven't been here. The shop has been busy. I've been trying to do accounts. I've got sucked in to a knitting competition. I've been tidying. The garden has needed me. Baking. Rediscovering bike riding means that all of my spare time at home is spent pootling around and not doing stuff that adds to the shop in any way apart from making me happier. I've been on the radio and tv a fair bit and I've had a few doctor's appointments. All in all, the blog (and vlog) have just slipped past me. Including Pattern of the Week which is saaaaaaaaaad. I will get back on that but I doubt it'll be this week and then the next week is our birthday party so I'll be drunk and not writing blog posts. That's what I'll write about first I think...


I love our parties! This year is out fifth birthday party and I am so excited just to have a nice relaxed (kind of - it does get ridiculously busy) open day where everybody can come and catch up and get excited for winter knitting/crochet projects! It's been a strange summer hasn't it? A mix of ridiculously hot, I'm thinking of the Wednesday where we got into the 30s and I couldn't do anything to ridiculously rainy and damp and blah (I'm thinking of my bloody holiday, haha) so I know a lot of  people have been starting and stopping and doing little things which is strange. But this is our time people. Our time. Winter woolies will soon be out on display and living lives as they should be.

Everybody is invited! We start at 10.30am on Saturday the 5th of September and finish at 6.30.... ish... It's always busy right at the beginning, then there's a lull around 12 and then it gets boozier from about 2/3pm onwards. So fit yourself in where you feel best and we'll welcome you all. Be prepared for me to be stressed and busy! Haha.

You can read more about our birthday parties here, and here, and here, and finally here (which is mainly a video that I'm so embarrassed about I can't actually watch it. I got as far as talking about Rico yarn and the order I made with them that never turned up! I totally forgot about that! I wonder how different the shop would look if it had have turned up... food for thought).

I feel like I need a photo here but I can't find one that sums up the parties - they're really hard to explain - so I'm going to put this one in because this sums up events for Knit Nottingham.

I have now put an event up on facebook so you can let your friends know that you're coming - just click here.

I'm really very excited about this. It feels pretty major. Five whole years! I think I may have to do a soppy post - I haven't done one of them for ages. But I haven't the time at the moment. I spent this morning tidying and it looked great:

However, since then, there have been many many customers. Hmmmm. I'd better get to it.

I will be back! I haven't forgotten about you. I have plans to talk a little more in depth about the onesie, although I'm almost certainly going to do a pattern of the week about that. And I need to do once last push for the British Knitting Awards! I think the last day to vote is the 5th of September which just happens to be the day of the birthday party. Serendipity. Is that the word? Hmmm.

Anyway, love and misses,

Eleanor. xxxxxxxx

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