Thursday, 21 January 2016

An Update

Ahhhh, I am so excited about how excited you lot are about this new shop! And overwhelmed by the amount of help you lot are offering. This is truly exciting and I am feeling constantly sick which I've learned is just my body's way of telling me 'get on with it, this is going to be bloody great!', it just doesn't feel like it at this point.

So, I went to see the shop last Thursday (a whole week ago!) and it was as lovely, if not lovelier than I remembered! The previous tenant has left some stuff there which should make my life a little easier and I'm taking every bit of help I can at the moment.

My surveyor smashed it asking for some stuff that I would not have dared and told me exactly what I'm responsible for so I'm feeling both relieved and nervous about the sheer amount of stuff. The Heads of Terms are written (basically the stuff in a contract that's specific to me as far as I can see) and that's been sent over to the solicitor who I've instructed. Yes, I've instructed a solicitor, I am a grown up. Whoooooo, this is getting real right about now.

I've been in contact with my energy, water, phone, internet and insurance companies and I know exactly who to ring and when I have to ring them to make sure everything's as smooth as possible. I've also been in contact with the rates people who are on my side and the business support people at the local council who've been really helpful, I need to follow up some links (they have told me about a loan facility which looks much more reasonable than the bank although I'll still avoid it if I can). I've told King Cole and Cygnet that I'm probably moving and I know what I have to do and when I have to do it.

I've been in contact with a couple of carpet companies, I have to measure out the space and choose a carpet/flooring before I get a proper quote but I know what I'm working with. I've made notes on my Ikea catalogue about which bits I need and I'm trying to work out when I have to buy so that it doesn't have to be stored too long in mine or Chris's house. I've also earmarked a few second hand places that I want to visit, I don't want the shop to look like an Ikea catalogue - I like the higgle-de-piggle-de nature of this shop.

Moving van! Ugh! I have options between having full on movers or a man with a van or Chris with a rented van. I thought all my troubles were over in this respect when my dad told me that he had a certain type of van, I checked on the website about the size of that and it sounded perfect (although much bigger than I imagined) but it turns out he'd got it completely wrong and it's much too small (apparently forgetting really useful things can be a side effect of a heart attack and not getting blood through to the brain properly that will get better unless he's going completely mad, and that's a very real possibility... Haha).

I'm half way through setting up a crowdfunding scheme thing on the suggestion of a number of customers (some who've already sent money through Paypal!). This is possibly the hardest thing I've had to do. It's really against my nature to ask for help and it's hard to hit the right note of - I'd love the money and it would make everything easier and smoother but not gimme all your money now or else or even I've got no money and I need your heeeeeeeeelp. The truth is, I could do this *just* without help, it would mean clever use of credit cards and loans which I would love to avoid but it could be done. Thing is, so many people have offered so much help that it seems stupid not to allow people to help - people love this shop and what it means to them and I don't want to negate anybody's experience. Does that make sense? So I'm bloody doing it! Now I just have to work out the wording and I've got a team of amazing customers or friends who are reading through and making suggestions and doing the best that they can for me and I'm overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity. Love!

I think that's where we are. I also have a shop to run (big box of King Cole wool waiting for me to sort it), and a load of patterns to get on the internet, and updating some bits on the internet, and sorting out the workshops on the internet, and writing a few blogs, and making a few vlogs, and working out what I owe and paying somebody which has to be my priority. Gah! I keep thinking that it would have been great if this new shop thing had worked out at the timing I was looking for - late summer - but I can't let this one go, it's too perfect and I know that I'd be just as stressed and overworked if it had happened then. Breathe. Last night me and Chris had a lovely dinner and played backgammon and there was no knitting and no talking about finances and no figuring out strange floor plans, just relaxing and being a normal human.

Another thing I've organised is a couple of nice evenings with friends over the next few weeks. I will need that time. The first is a gathering at Jem Weston's house to celebrate the publication of her brand new book - The Knitted Nursery Collection - which is as cute and well put together as we've come to expect from her. I love a friend doing well, don't you? Ahhhhhhhhh.

And I managed to get a picture into this post which I consider quite a feat!

That's it, I assure you lot that I'm keeping you as up to date as possible so there's no need to come into the shop and ask loads of questions!!! In the nicest possible way, I'm getting a bit stressed about it especially going over the same things again and again. The best way, if you've got a brill thing to say (and a lot of you have had some bloody marvelous things to say!!!!) is to let me know through here or facebook and then I can have a think about them and respond in my own time which allows me to think a little clearer and allows my mind to do things in a way that works for me. But don't stop suggesting things please! Lots of you have reminded me of lots of things that I hadn't thought about or that I'd forgotten so I need you I just don't need you all up in my face at the shop. Yeah? LOVE!


  1. Just breathe! It's all good! ��

  2. Just breathe! It's all good! ��

  3. So many plates spinning but you're doing marvellously chuck. Know that you have my full support, help whenever you want, and I'm very happy to contribute with the crowdfunding. Nuff said. See you soon! G x