Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Info Info Info

Info all over the place! I'm being as open as I can about this because answering the same questions is driving me batty (I love you all but google!!). This is going to be bullet points so that nobody has any excuse.... ;)

  • Knit Nottingham is moving! 
  • The last day in the shop on Mansfield Road is Thursday the 24th of March
  • On Thursday the 24th of March we'll be shutting at 4pm.
  • We're re-opening on Friday 1st of April at the new address! 
  • Our new address is 9, Trinity Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2AN
  • You will know this if you're from Nottingham - it's the one with the pet shop on it, it's not the one with Long Tall Sally on it.
  • If you're not from Nottingham, this can be googled! I've done it for you here!
  • Yes it's much more central! Yes, it's lots more money! Yes I think it'll work! Yes I've heard about the vintage shop and her leaks! No I'm not worried! (Well, actually, I'm really bloody worried but sometimes you just gotta jump in ey?).
  • The most important point  - THERE WILL BE A PARTY ON THE 2nd OF APRIL! BOOM!
  • I think that's everything.

Love love love love love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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