Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A very awarding post

That title really makes no sense but bugger it, too hot to think of anything more interesting.

We are up once again for the British Knitting and Crochet awards run by Let's Knit. Hey! GO VOTE!!!!!!! We're up for four awards but our most important is the Best Yarn Shop in the Midlands which we've won for four years running. Here's a little photo of me from a couple of years ago, last year I hated every single photo and was pissed off through most of the day so no photos there...

But in that one I look pretty happy. In truth, I've been super mega silly happy every year and would be again if we won. That would be quite something!!! I'd really have to update our window stickers then, haha. As always, I have people asking me what to vote for in the other categories so I'm going to give some suggestions and they really are just that. Please feel free to vote for whoever you want to, apart from when Knit Nottingham comes up... Natch. The suggestions I give you will be the ones that most help the shop - our lovely suppliers who deserve as much credit for how wonderful this little shop is. :)

1.) Best Baby Yarn Brand - King Cole.
2.) Best Indie Yarn Brand - Truly Hooked (AHHHHHHHH).
3.) Best Value Yarn Brand - King Cole.
4.) Best Luxury Yarn Brand - Sirdar.
5.) Best Sock Yarn Brand - Opal.
6.) Best Overall Yarn Brand - King Cole.
7.) Best British Yarn Brand - Jamieson and Smith (actually nothing to do with us but I have a soft spot).
8.) Best Pattern House - King Cole.
9.) Favourite Knitting Designer - Kate Davies (again, it's just a soft spot thing).
10.) Best Chain/Multiple - UGH. Abakhan. They're the closest to indie that I can see. UGH UGH UGH.
11.) Best Online Shop - KNIT NOTTINGHAM!!!!!!!
12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) 16.) I really can't comment. All lovely shops and many are friends so vote with your conscience. 

17.) Best Yarn Shop in the Midlands - KNIT NOTTINGHAM!!!!!!!
18.) Conscience again.
19.) Best Knitting Needle Range - Addi. 

20.) Best Knitting Accessories Range - Addi. 
21.) Best Ready to Use Knitting Kits - The Little Knitting Company (the most indie as far as I can see). 
22.) Favourite Knitting Blog - KNIT NOTTINGHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23.) Best Website - Ravelry. Obvs. No question. 

24.) Favourite Book - The Sock Draw by Verity Castledine (featuring socks named after meeeeeee). 
25.) Best Knitting Show/Event - Yarndale. 
26.) Favourite Charity Campaign - God, anything but the bloody Innocent Smoothie Hats. 
27.) Best Yarn Shop Day Experience - Knit Nottingham!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28.) Best Yarn for Crochet - King Cole. 

29.) Favourite Crochet Designer - Verity Castledine.
30.) Best Crochet Store - KNIT NOTTINGHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31.) Favourite Crochet Blog - I'm going to say Sue Pinner. Everybody else seems to work against the LYS but I can't see any evidence of her doing so. :)
32.) Favourite Crocher Book - Bugger it, let's go Sue Pinner too. 

33.) Best Crochet Accessories Range - Fleabubs by Lala! So proud of her getting a nom against the big boys!!!!!

That's it. They're only my suggestions but I hope it helps if you're not necessarily a knitter/crocheter but still a Knit Nottinghamer and I know there are many of you. ;)

If there are two of you who want to vote in the same household then you'll need to open a private browser which works differently on different browsers so do a little google. To prevent fraud they've put a stop on voting more than once from different IP addresses but I know there are lots of fans who live in the same house so I think it's only fair. Please use fairly though!!

I think that's it. Once again. Vote vote vote! It really means that world to tiny businesses like mine. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.s. Welcome to anybody who's found us through the Let's Knit promotion, as always we're super grateful to them! The blog isn't a real priority for us right this sec, I tend to update when I have very important news (like voting for us!) but you can also find us on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our newsletter where I talk a lot more so go like, follow, sign up and enjoy! :)

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