Thursday, 21 April 2011

Life as a YSO.

YSO = Yarn Shop Owner.

I'm knackered - I'll tell you that for free. We've had a manic week and the lovely organiser among us (aka Liese) has been away in Yorkshire (probably snuggling sheep). I'll give you the low down on what I've been doing, so you feel some sympathy - or maybe jealousy - what a life I have!!

1). Photo shoot - Technically it wasn't this week but I've spent a fair bit of this week sorting out photos from last week. My lovely creative friend, Amy Fisher, offered to take some photos for us when she got a new lens for her massive scary looking camera. It's one of those ones that makes everything look like a world.

I'm really pleased, even though I hate having my photo taken, it's important for the shop because the knitting magazines always need a photo when we're to be  included (and we're going to be in the June issue of Let's Knit!!!) and it gives us facebook fodder (you'll know how much we like posting photos). Amy really helped us out of a bind because we have an atrocious camera in the shop, not only does it not like to focus but it's decided that we can only take one photo at a time now before we have to load onto the laptop. Nightmare... Anyway, have a butchers at these photos, I think they're lovely (mostly...):

Amy's Flickr Photostream.

2). Important Business Meetings - at which I'm hopelessly inept but usually successful. This Tuesday I met with the lovely Rose from the Husqvarna shop in Nottingham and we're pleased to announce that I'll be teaching four lessons there over the Summer and hopefully many more to come! Now I just have to get on with getting samples knitted and crocheted up - another task to add to my long list... Don't worry about me though, this is exciting news and I'm honoured to be a small part of such a successful shop!

3). Arguing with the bank - It's vulgar to go into details here but suffice to say I hate it when I'm lied to!

4). Writing blogs for Creative Nottingham - and in the process reminiscing about the good old days when we were painting walls and sweeping buckets of gravel and dirt off the shop floor a mere eight months ago. Makes me go misty eyed - sort of - my back gives a sigh of relief, that was bloody knackering!!!

How exciting to be a part of something so edgy! Little ol' me ey?! I hope I've done you proud with my blogs, I like to think they're interesting, though I may just have nattered far too much (no change there then....). This links in with Amy too because I'll need some bloody good photos to impress the good people at Creative Nottingham - brilliant photographers that most of them are! We'll let you know nearer to the time when they're released - it's sometime at the beginning of May.

5). Knitting samples - Ahh the first photo of the post:

King Cole Pattern 3288 (£2.30), Smooth DK (four balls), 100g, £3.00. 

I love making shop samples and simply don't do enough of it because of all the commission knitting. I love that it really sells the yarn and who doesn't want to feel and see how something works up before they spend their hard earned cash? We understand, crafters, and we're with you! Just give us some time... :) 

Also, sort of a shop sample though I paid for the wool so I can take it hooooooome when it's done, I've been crocheting this: 

King Cole Pattern 3055 (£2.30) - Smooth DK, 100g, £3.00. 

At least it's a sort of version of that pattern... In my excitement I forgot to actually read the instructions so the lace pattern is a little off, I like it though (certainly more than I like frogging) so it's staying as it is. The colour is also a little deeper in real life, blood red rather than pinky red. Love it! 

6). TAX!!! - Yeah, it's that time of year, and the first time I've done it. Could you say 'I'm in a pickle'? Yeah, you could say that... 

7). Liasing with our lovely artisans - Pete's been commissioned and is spinning his little heart out though the camera has run out of battery so you'll have to wait for a photo of that. I've also thoroughly confused one of our favourites by writing a cheque out for completely the wrong year (too much messing around with numbers, see above). 

8). Another sort of secret crochet project - here's where I'd insert a slightly out of focus close up of the work.... if the camera would oblige. 

9). Wistfully looking up SLR cameras on t'internet - see pretty much all of the previous post...

10). Bit of sleep and some food here and there. 

TTFN folks, 

Love Eleanor. xx

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