Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring Time

A busy weekend for all of us at Knit Nottingham, Sue is off to Wonderwool, two days of playing with fibre and handspun love. I'm up in the Yorkshire Moors, lots of walking, communing with nature and the local sheep followed by knitting and wine evenings. Promised Eleanor I'd bring a pretty sheep home for her, chance to hone my sheep whispering skills! Eleanor has stayed in Nottingham to keep the shop fires burning and to work on her top secret crochet project, can't wait to see it.

The lovely spring weather is here to stay (I hope!!) and Easter is not far away, so I have been trawling the internet to see what patterns I could find....below are my three favourites

First up is this stunning Torreyana Shawl which caught my eye because of its name, I have a friend who lives in Southern California so saw some Torrey Pines when I visited her. As you will see there are four versions allowing for different yarn weights but the one pictured gets my vote!

This pretty necklace would complement any summery top, the White Flower Necklace uses worsted weight but this could be substituted for aran weight.

Lastly a perfect way to bring some spring colour into the house or a perfect crib mobile for any new additions to your own family or those of your friends (babies that is not pets!).

Well I will sign off and get back to my search for a pretty sheep, happy weekend everyone.
Liese x

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