Thursday, 31 March 2011

New Workshops

The Flatter your Shape workshop is this weekend, it is one of Eleanor's favourites. From the beginning of my knitting career I've been designing, in terms of changing patterns, plugging in stitch patterns and making things bigger... I've been doing this for so long that I don't even realise that I'm doing it anymore and I have collated all my tips and tricks for your delectation.

The workshop will fit in with lots of others; the Finishing workshop, the Adjusting and Reading Patterns workshop, as well as hopefully the Troubleshooting workshop (which will be on the 26th June). We'll learn about short row shaping, darts, decreases and increases, colour theory, choosing patterns, how to work out your shape and how to adjust patterns to suit it. It's going to be a good proper workshop and will be geared towards the people on it. You're encouraged to bring a few examples of your own clothes, that you think suit you or not and we'll be able to talk about the theory behind it.

So roll up folks and start making knitwear that really suits the wearer.

To book a place, come into the shop, call us on 0115 947 4239 or go online  (three spaces left so don't wait too long!). Workshop cost is £30.

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