Monday, 7 March 2011

New Year challenge update


As I write this I am hanging my head in shame, March has snuck up on me while I am still wondering what happened to February?  The great blanket squares challenge of 2011 is floundering and at risk of sinking into the murky depths of my busy life!! Any spare hours have been used to finish off a few projects, these were then sent off to their new homes. Sadly I did not take any pictures apart from the one first attempt at a teapot cosy...not perfect but I am proud none the less.

Anyway I have not given up hope....longer nights are on their way back, so that and my faithful coffee pot may yet save the challenge. So there will be a short(ish) intermission on the updates, just to give me time to catch up, so the next update will be in May.

Happy knitting to all

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