Saturday, 26 March 2011

My fibre/fluff challenge #4

Leaving the embellisher aside for a day or two, I have dug out a 1960's toy loom, Spears weaving loom no2 to be exact and a ball of Mirage that has been hanging around ever since I realised my preference for using hand spun for my knitting.. Yes, I know I'm weird like that and Eleanor keeps reminding me :-) Suppose that's what comes from being a spinner first then a knitter.

Anyway, here is the progress so far.

blog 2011 076

blog 2011 079

blog 2011 082

and a glimpse into what the 1960's child was expected to produce from this toy

blog 2011 083

blog 2011 084

blog 2011 086

Now bearing in mind the Health and Saftey warnings on everything these days, would you use oven gloves made by your child on her toy loom?

blog 2011 085

Hopefully my next post will be something small made from this cloth.



  1. Great post Sue. Those projects look a bit ambitious for the target audience, but the cloth that you've made looks really attractive and neat.

    I love the picture of the 'view through the reed' - it took me a while to figure out!

  2. Thought I would keep you guessing :-)