Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Quick Hello and Interlude

Alright Everybody!

I've been MIA - too much knitting and not enough talking about knitting I'm afraid (actually it's been mostly crochet) but I thought I'd pop by and share a thought.

I've never really had a blog before and I've certainly never looked at blog statistics before. We get stats for our website and facebook too - which is interesting but I check out the stats here every time I pop by. I'll tell you the most interesting bits:

We've had just under 5,000 hits in our blog's lifetime. Is that a lot? Probably not, but I think it's unique hits so 5,000 of you wonderful people have had a little look into our lives. Are they all knitters? Spinners? Want to be? Interested in what Liese is learning? What Sue is creating? Or what I'm babbling on about?

The most interesting place they've come from (I think) is South Korea. I don't know much about South Korea - I guess they're not as angry as North Korea and they were picked as my team for some World Cup thing when I was in Brownies. That's it. Is there a big knitting tradition in South Korea? I know Japan's famous for gorgeous crochet and it's not far from there. Lace. I'm guessing South Koreans are massive lace knitters. Anybody from South Korea want to say hi?

Slovenia, Russia, Pakistan, the Netherlands and Canada are others. How exciting!

The two most popular browsers are internet explorer and firefox - they're level pegging at the moment but sometimes firefox pips i.e. to the post. Funny that - I don't think much to firefox, it feels like a kind of geeky thing to me and I'm most certainly not one of them, when it comes to computers anyway... 29 pageviews came from Opera. 46 came from Ubuntu - that must be a mega geeky thing because I've not even heard of it.

8 people came from this blog - - a lovely lady who comes to our knitting group bringing *shock horror* crochet in her wake.... Go and give her quilts some love, they are a thing to behold.

7 people came from this blog - - a lovely customer who likes chunky knits (the quicker the better, who can blame her?). Her jewellery is just divine. Hopefully you can see her gorgeous blue beads - I love them so much I made a funny sound.

The most popular page of all time is the Heart Art page. Tut tut - I didn't write that one, you've all got to go and check out the blocking workshops. I was going to say 'not really' but I'm deadly serious... The lovely Pete's Artisan page has got some love too (we haven't forgotten that series, just been sidetracked by lovely yarn...).

You'll be pleased to know that pageviews are steadily rising from none in July (the blog wasn't invented yet) to over 600 a month! Again, this feels like a lot, I feel like a celebrity.

That's enough wittering. I promise there will be knitting or crochet next time. Pictures too!

Love Eleanor.

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  1. Gosh, I feel like a celebrity now too! Many thanks for mentioning my blog, I have your blog on my Blogroll so I guess people are following it via that route. A lot of my followers are fellow knitters.

    One day I will get to visit your shop, Nottingham isn't that far from me! In the meantime, I do enjoy the blog postings :-)