Monday, 30 May 2011

Spindle Spun Singles

Having read Eleanors post about the new spindles ( and they really do spin well, I've been testing one for the last few months) I thought I would share my latest dyeing experiment with you.

Once I had finished spinning on my spindle ( usually more than shown on the photo) I slide the cops off and instead on winding into two two balls to ply I placed them to soak in cold water.

In the meantime make up your dyes, I use easy acid dyes which just need hot water to dissolve the powder, using all the necessary health precautions including ventilation, gloves and mask. Fill half a jam jar with the first colour and half a jar with the second. For the first trial I used blue and yellow.

After soaking for 30 mins or so ( you really want all the yarn to be wet) gently squeeze out any excess water. Place the cop in the jam jar so the dye comes almost half way up and leave to soak for a few mins, then turn the cop upside down and place in the next jam jar.

Remove the cops and let them drain for a few mins then wrap in cling film and steam for 40 mins. IMPORTANT please make sure that you do NOT use your steaming equipment for food preparation. I have clearly marked steamers, cling film etc which are solely for dying use.

Once steamed,leave to go cold then rinse in cold water and leave to dry on an old towel,

skein off whilst slightly damp and finish the drying with a weight hanging from the bottom of the skein.
These singles are good for knitting shawls where any bias will not be noticeable.

Other colour results......using red, grey, blue

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