Thursday, 2 June 2011

Little Summer Knits

In the blog post about poor old Sunshine, I mentioned that I was knitting a simple little something to keep my hands busy but I never followed it up because life got in the way. It is lovely though, and it's a quick knit and it's a cheap present for you or your loved one.

This is it! it's just a little corsage kit in the Silcaress DK which is similiar to the Smooth DK. In the kit you get a 50g ball of yarn, a pattern for the corsage, a brooch back and a little booklet showing the shades of Cygnet yarns with a couple of scarf patterns thrown in for good measure.

All this for only £3.

This will be a great pattern for intermediate knitters and experienced knitters who want a bit of a break (I got it done in a matter of hours).

More to follow but we thought you'd like this little summery tidbit. 

See you soon!

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