Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Shock and Suprise!

This is a spinning post that's not from Sue! AND. It's a post from Eleanor that's not a novel!

I just has a little thought, whilst browsing through Youtube looking for music, I'm often sending people to a specific video to help start their spinning journey because it's the one that I learned from and I think it's fab, clear and simple. (I also wonder why she seems to be spinning in an underpass?). So, here goes with embedding...

Part One:


Part Two:


And while we're at it I'll post this video too. I love knitting to music, I try to keep up with the beat which means that if I'm in a pub, club or bar you'll more often find me knitting too (what a bloody sad act...). I particularly like this one - it fits with my knitting beat: 


What's your knitting beat? 


  1. Best spinning tutorials on you tube!

    She makes it look so easy, i never thought i'd be able to produce yarn anywhere as good as that, but just a month after watching it and picking up a spindle for the first time i was making some great yarn.

  2. I like YouTube as well for learning how to knit and crochet certain things.

    It's the best. Books are good, but for whatever reason, videos are better for me.