Thursday, 7 July 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

... which must mean that winter's nearly here and the hideous ghastly summer is nearly over. This weekend I'm taking my woolies out of the cupboard to wash, block, sew on buttons, fix a broken cast on and generally smooch. How can anybody enjoy this weather when it means that wool is too hot to wear?!

Maybe I'm a little over-excited because the reps are starting to come around with the winter collections. Ooh. Ahh. Pretty colours. And some very, very, very, very, very exciting British wool. Mmmmm. Can. Not. Wait!

Anyway, despite the fact that I long for winter, miserable, grey, drizzly weather like this makes me feel pretty miserable, grey and drizzly. Imagine my shock and surpise when Oscar from next door told me there was a parcel awaiting when I got in this morning. Felt a bit like Christmas. So I ripped open the packaging, felt a little confused and under-awed when I saw it was a cat food box:

But I soldiered on regardless and look:

I know, I know, still not exciting enough for you? Alright, I'll come clean... They're only bloody tiny spindle charms aren't they!?

Direct from our favourite spindle maker, Mr Steve Sheppard of Angler's Gifts.

The little pairs are around one inch long and we're going to get some earring hooks on there once we can talk to our friends at The Bead Shop. But maybe the dark ones will be mine...  :)

The larger ones are around one and half inches long/wide so they're perfect for necklaces or potentially brooches. Again, I'll talk to the Bead Shop.

No idea how much they'll cost yet but what a present for somebody that likes wool, spinning and jewellery! We'll keep you updated.

After that I was feeling postively positive so I took more photos of some new artisan items. These ones are from a lovely lady called Kelly. Her boyfriend is a knitter and she's a jewellery maker and she wanted to combine their passions. There's something about being a crafter which makes you want to share what you do isn't there? Anyway, look here:

Stitch Markers!!!

Surely all knitters and crochets love stitch markers?! And especially for the crocheters, she's developed these:

Can you see they're little hooks at the top? Works beautifully for crochet but never fear knitters, these can be used to mark rows, or the right side of the fabric, or just forget about the little hooks and use the large loop underneath as a normal stitch marker. Multi-purpose!

These are my favourite though:


How cute!?

All these stitch markers come in sets of four which cost £3.00. Buy two sets and you pay £5! Bargain, ey? We thought they'd be perfect for one of those Ravelry  swaps.

Anyway, check out her Folksy shop for more jewellery related items and I don't mind if you drool a little.


In other news, the spinning is coming along nicely.


I've now got 12 little skeins, a bit more than in that photo and about 1000 yards, I need 1880 roughly so we'll see how I go. It's happening anyway, which is more than I could have hope for...

Also, I had a carrot from my garden for lunch! I took a picture but blimey, putting photos in this blog post has been hard work so maybe I'll save that for another day. It's taken that bloody long that the sun has come out and I'm reminded that we have to get through the rest of July and the whole of August until winter really is around the corner... wishful thinking ey?



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