Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tour de Fleece.......Guzzisue style

Hi, just a quick update, as you may have seen Eleanor is busy spinning up a storm with her spindles as part of the Tour de Fleece challenge on Ravelry.

Both Pete and myself are also taking part so I thought would share some of the first weeks progress photos with you.

Tour de fleece day one

Falkland dyed tops being spun on a Kromski Symphony

tour de fleece 2011

tour de fleece 2011

Merino/nylon mix spun by Pete on an Ashford Kiwi

tour de fleece day 2, teeswater

Teeswater X Galway fleece purchased from a farm at East Bridgford last year.

tour de fleece 2011

being spun on a Kromski Sonata

tour de fleece day six

tour de fleece 2011

Merino/tencel/sparkle also on the symphony

Tour de Fleece 2011

Merino/silk on one of the original prototypes of the shop spindles.

All in all a good weeks spinning, mind you we do stop for coffee sometime :-)

tour de fleece 2011

Guzzisue x

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