Thursday, 22 December 2011

Three Days and Counting

So, with about five rows to do on a shawl, and all the wrapping to do to get stuff in the post, tell me why I am on t'internet looking for stuff like this?

To be honest, I'm just a teeny bit fed up with the whole thing (don't worry, I should be over it by Saturday - Monday at the latest). The knitting, the spending, the cooking, the cleaning, the decorating plus my all time favourite – the big argument.

The big argument isn't going to happen for a day or two yet. I know this because, so far, there has only been a bit of sniping and one (short) shouting match. Open warfare is still a little while away.

Still, to wish you all the best the season can bring, here's a little shot of Eleanor living up to her Rav name.

Happy Christmas

love June x

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