Sunday, 1 January 2012

Things my mother didn't teach me..Jiffy Lace

Blog 2012 003Blog 2012 005Hi, Sue the spinner here with the first of an occasional series on things to do with yarn, some serious and some just long lost fads. If you want to challenge me to try any unusual technique please feel free to do so. 
Blog 2012 007Blog 2012 006I'm starting with Jiffy lace simply because someone passed me a leaflet of instructions which totally confused me. No idea of the publication date but priced at $1.50 so obviously an import. Now this looks very much like broomstick crochet and I suspect Jiffy Lace is simply an American cover story for it. You use a big needle and a crochet hook to make the stitches, I found it very fiddly to do and certainly not relaxing for me but maybe with practise?? or maybe not!   I mean, I can't see me wearing this...can you?

Blog 2012 008 So I've made three small samples, two in acrylic, one in hand spun and I suspect that may be the end of this experiment unless anyone wants to educate me further? I throw the challenge out to you, the readers.....

Blog 2012 012

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Blog 2012 014

So , let me know what you think and I'll stick to the knitting for a little while longer xx

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  1. I tried this stitch earlier today and must say it looked equally disappointing and required juggling skills. The pattern I saw was for a bracelet which I might have a go at, but a blanket??