Friday, 20 January 2012


What a day! What hideous weather! It just about tops off this week. Everything was going well and then I was bamboozled out of money. It's a scam I'd been warned of and when the man came in I knew what he was doing - I just knew it - and I kept thinking to myself, 'well done, Eleanor. Just keep your head, you know what you're doing'. And as he left he said to me 'I bet you wish I never come back' and I said 'no, if you keep spending money you're welcome'. I thought I'd done really well. Then, when I was cashing up, I realised we were ten pounds down and it all came upon me. What a hideous man, what a hideous thing to do and I hope he dies of an overdose with drugs bought from my ten pounds. Ugh.

So, I'm going to cheer myself up with yarn. Probably the Bamboo Cotton DK and probably in the navy. Last week I went out of Friday and didn't get in until.... maybe... 4am? 5am? Something like that... Consummate professional that I am I managed to get in on time and run the shop wonderfully and one of my lovely customers bought a colour combination that nearly brought tears to my eyes:

It's the cream, ice and oyster (one of the new colours). 

It could well have been the booze, it probably was, but I just think this is the best combination ever. Could it be made better by the inclusion of my new favourite colour in the whole entire world?!

Only time will tell. 

The other thing is - is it ridiculous for me to do yet another ripple blanket? It would be my third. But to be fair, I've never done one in DK before. That makes a difference, right?

Now I'm off to do a s**t load of work to make myself feel better about being such an idiot and losing that ten pounds. 

Love Eleanor. 

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  1. oh that's awful! I got hustled at work last week, unfortunately out of a lot more that ten pounds, it's so frustrating... Those colours do look lovely together, I'm sure it will make a lovely blanket. :)