Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oh Wow.

Hellllllllo Folks!

It has been a literally age! I have not spoken to you since... last bloody year! HA! Oh how I've missed you and oh how busy I've been!

Obviously the shop was a bit of a nightmare before Christmas - thanks! Last minute Christmas presents and then trying to get some big projects sorted for in between Christmas and new year meant that I didn't have a moment's peace and I loved it! On Christmas eve I sold a whole lot of the Pure British Wool Aran to make this little stunner. I don't know why I'm telling you this except, if I get everything I want to get done today and manage to make it to knit club then I'll see how far it's got and I'm excited!

I finished all of my Christmas presents on the night before Christmas eve. And by finished I mean, literally, ends sewn in and all wrapped up! It's never happened to me. 

I didn't manage to get photos of all of them. I thought the wrapping and giving were more important in the end but here's a terrible photo of the finished ripple blanket:

It wasn't the design I had in mind, the animals turned out to big to march top to tail along the top and bottom of the blanket so they were spread out which was a bit weird but it's good, I promise you that. Funny though, he seemed to prefer this little stunner:

him and Gruffalo careered down the hallway at every chance they got like some sort of suffragette having just discovered that she can use her bike to spread the word. (Notice his pyjamas - they're old man pyjamas but the pattern on there is skulls!).

Anyway, it's over now. You had your own Christmas, I'm sure you don't need to hear about mine apart from to perhaps rejoice in the fact that I bloody knitted a jumper didn't I!?

It was my present to myself and it took a lot longer than it should have done but it was still only just over a week. Pleased!

So, shop...

Well, you're going to have to bear with us a bit. Stock is slightly low because of Christmas, it's all on order but when that will turn up is anybody's guess (and mine would be between tomorrow and the end of the week). Everybody who needs to know does though, and we still have plenty here so don't let it stop you coming in!

Especially not since WE HAVE A SAAAAAAAAAALE! I've moved the whole shop around today and it still looks a bit of a mess to be honest, but all of the sale stuff is together and once that's gone I have an idea for next stock that I think will tickle your fancy. So come down and spend so that I can get some space and money for something a bit lovely.

Not everything's on the website yet I'm afraid. That's a job for tomorrow *fingers crossed*. We also have books, patterns, crochet cotton and felting yarn in the sale.

And now, I want to put some resolution type statements on here. If you read the blog you'll know that I read  Little Tin Bird and I think she's just lovely and her latest blog post was an update of her list of intentions last year. Which I think it just lovely. So, I'm doing it myself and playing the long game. A year today I promise a post that updates you on what we've done from here.

1). Get a printer for the shop. Alright, that's a bit of a cheat I bought one today and it's a beaut!

2). Tidy more consistently.
          Anybody that knows me knows I'm not tidy and I'm even more busy here than I am at home but it's no excuse for the shop and I aim to set aside half an hour a day to tidy and clean (I'm hoping that will do, it'll certainly be a near 100% improvement on what I do do...).

3). Restock the shelves every day.
          It's another lazy thing I'm afraid. Especially when I have commissions on, I get obsessive over my knitting/crocheting which is a good thing for a LYSO but a bad thing for a shop keeper so I must improve.

4). Keep up to date with my figures.
          Wouldn't it be lovely if I could just update them every evening and actually have a day off a week!

5). Make many many more shop samples.
          I enjoy doing it and I even have a lady to help me. Why wouldn't I? Should I aim for one a month?

6). Write some patterns.
          For my own benefit really but wouldn't it be lovely to have lots of local patterns for the yarn in our shop. I have ideas in my head that would blow yours and my minds both if I could get the needles clicking!

Right - that's enough. Or I'll never stick to anything. But I've just thought, have we let you down this year? Can you think of a resolution for us? Send us an e-mail to knit AT knitnottingham DOT co DOT uk and we'll put it right.

Love you all! Thanks for waiting patiently.

I also promise more regular blogging.

Love Eleanor. :)

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