Sunday, 22 January 2012

another slice of history

One of my friends has a special word for me , apparently I'm a Clutter Monkey and I think he is quite right about this. Tidiness and organisation are most definitely NOT two of my strong points. I always claim the excuse of being so creative that I don't have time or inclination to tidy away every little thing. The out come of this is that I periodically have to clear out my workroom and try and prevent too much of my stuff overtaking the next room as well. Obviously I have to store the tools of my trade somewhere but a passion for textiles has resulted in several hundred books, two (sometimes three) spinning wheels, five sewing machines, one embellisher and several small looms, not to mention nine lace pillow although some of these are out on loan.
So, today was a sort out day ( needed to see the floor even if only for a few hours) and I uncovered this...

I suspect it dates from the 60's but I am open to suggestions and features many sewing aids that I am still using today!! but I've picked out a few knitting related items just to compare prices.
Blog 2012 105
Priced at £3.00 seems quite a bargain!!!

Now we all like to have a ball winder and they are getting to be quite an expensive item ( I jointly own one with a friend, an old knitmaster cone winder) invaluable asset for any spinner!!

Blog 2012 107

This isn't really a knitting item but I inherited one.................................

Blog 2012 106

                                      ..................... and use it as a blocking board

Most of these item are by a company called Dritz and many of the sewing products can be found in my work room even today .

More from me later..........................Guzzisue xx

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