Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Thing

I was going to call this 'New Things', and technically, there are two new things but really, it's one product and it's all I want to talk about (apart from a quick request at the end...).

Let me introduce you to our new product - Hand Dyed Yarn! Oh me, oh my I'm excited!

It's been something we've been thinking about since the beginning - I have in my heart a hankering for the perfect, deep, forest green. The sort of green that Robin Hood would purchase should he pop into the shop. The shop colours are supposed to be lots of different types of green but we're not great at that 'branding' side of marketing, preferring to actually speak to you all than blind you with our colour scheme...

The handspun yarn has been a run away success in the shop and we know that you regulars love to support the local artisans and that holidaymakers want a little bit of Nottingham to take away with you. But, we're all struggling aren't we? Times are hard, the economy's gone down the pan, and so on and so on. We know that you want to support our lovely makers and pay them a fair price but that paying your rent is probably more important to you... So, we present to you, something in the middle.

Now, Guzzi Sue is a manic dyer - you'll know that from her posts I'm sure. She enjoys finding new colour combinations and making a mess and coming up with something beautiful. And she does it well I'm sure you'll agree:

I'm really glad she likes it because I can't stand it! Too fiddly, too much hard work, too much clearing up afterwards. 

So, without further ado - here's our offering! It's 100g of Merino Superwash DK (the base is out truly scrumptious Cygnet Merino Superwash DK) in gorgeous greens and yellows. You can buy 50g or both it's up to you but remember 100g is enough for a hat, a cowl, gloves - all the good stuff in life!

Guzzi Sue's Hand Dyed - 100% Merino, 50g, 104m, wash at 40 degrees (but we recommend handwashing). Love!

Love Eleanor. :)

P.s. The request! I forgot! We'll be on the radio on the 13th of January talking about knitting and crochet and how wonderful it is! They've asked us to bring along some of our customers who've been on our courses and if anybody who's free on that Friday afternoon would come along we'd be most grateful. We'll get you there and back from and to the shop so it won't cost you anything and it'll be fun, you could be famous and we'll get some free publicity!! :)

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