Friday, 20 July 2012

Tour de fleece

Hi, as some of you may know , the tour de fleece is a event held by Ravelry for spinners and it is very much a personal challenge to spin every day whilst the Tour de France is taking place. I have taken part in the past but was loath to sign up again this year due to family commitments but at the last minute I decided that it would be good to try and spin everyday even if its just a few yards.

So This is my first post at the end of week one, not a huge amount to show though :-)

 This is Bond fleece, imported from Australia as a special treat as I would not normally pay this amount for raw fleece BUT it is amazing and soft and really does not need any prep before spinning, I just separate the fibres and remove any second cuts ( short bits where the shearer has cut the fleece twice) with a dog comb. So far there has been very little wastage.

Bond locks, tips slightly sun bleached.

1st bobbin on the wheel, lovely to spin, aiming for a soft woollen yarn this time
 Hand dyed merino/silk, I have already spun one bobbin so I am looking to spin and ply this asap
OK not strictly spinning but it is, sort of, I have had a bobbin of Falkland singles sitting around for ages and really need the bobbin for some other spinning so over the last two nights I've been Navajo plying it onto one of my large spindles, hoping to knit hand warmers from it for next winter !!

So thats my update for the first week, will be in touch real soon, Sue x

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