Wednesday, 25 July 2012


First of all I need to tell you that this post comes from my blog and was posted  in 2008. I'm republishing it here as there has been a lot of interest on the row counter photo about halfway down. I hope you enjoy the pictures xx


Old sewing tools

The big cupboard sort out continues so I thought I would post quickly about some of the older items.

This sewing case complete with knitting needles and cotton reels was found at a car boot sale, the assorted lace bobbins, rug tools and wooden knitting needle holder were found in a small antique/curio shop in Lincoln last year. The owner admitted that he had no idea what they were and was quite happy for me to take anything sewing related for a very small sum.
My late MIL s sewing box, just as it came to me except for a few buttons which have been used.
A collection of bone and bone handled stilettos, one is carved and opens to reveal a baby ones inside purchased in Scotland a few years ago. lace bobbins that are over 100 year old, bone tatting shuttle and assorted packets of needles.
Knitting stitch/row counter, advertising item maybe, cost me all of 20p at a car boot sale
Mother of pearl thread holder, sewing case, needle case assorted scissors and needle packets.
Fortunately, most of these items are small and inexpensive and give me great pleasure, some even get used from time to time.

Sue xx

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