Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Watch Out

I'm about to tell you how much work I've done again... and about an argument... Ha. I'll keep it short and sweet but first, I read something lovely over my holiday and thought I'd share it with you. It's from a book called 'The Pleasure and Sorrows of Work' by Alain de Botton and he says:

"When does a job feel meaningful? Whenever it allows us to generate delight or reduce suffering in others."

Blimey - my job must be the most meaningful in the world then. It just stuck out in my head so I thought I'd share.

Now, I need to show off about the work that I've been doing:

These are going to be our new gift vouchers! Printed business card style to be a bit less cumbersome than our present A5 size ones... As I was searching the internet to find places to print this I found some proper chip and pin kinda cards that you can have printed! I would bloody love to have those! The Bead Shop have/are going to get some and apparently they're sparkly! Well jel. 

In the end we went with Instaprint who offer a good price, are quick and are local! I think, should you ever need to use them, you should ask for Helen because she's bloody wonderful!

On top of that I've made a bloody brilliant poster! But I can't take a photo of it because my phone's still not right from the last time I broke it... Suffice to say it is wonderful, awesome and marvellous - you'll just have to pop into the shop to see. It does have this on it though:

We've also started planning for our birthday bash and I have BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG surprise for you BIG! I've done a fair bit of work towards that but I can't tell you about it or I'd have to kill you. 

And then, I'll just mention that I'm in a dispute with Payzone, the actual issue has been sorted but I'm gearing up to put a mega complaint in so I won't say too much yet. Suffice to say, they won't get away with what they think they've got away with. I just feel sorry for the young lad Andy who I was on the phone to earlier. It's unfortunate that the smaller cogs in the machinery get the brunt of people's frustrations. 

Later this week should be a better blog post but I wanted to say 'hiyaaaaaaa' to everybody that reads the blog and isn't on twitter or facebook. Hiyaaaaaaa!

I'll leave you with this beauty of a photo. It's my nephew Seb at Stonebridge City Farm (which is fab btw) trying to make friends - an excruciating experience to watch....

He's the one stood behind the slide. He just kinda stands there staring at the kids he wants to be friends with. Reminds me of his aunt...

See you soon. :)

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