Friday, 17 August 2012

Well, Well, Well....

What an eventful week it's been! I'll do this in bullet points because I really have a lot of work to be getting on with...

  • I WAS HELD HOSTAGE LAST NIGHT! Bloody HOSTAGE! Haha. It's no massive deal but I can talk it up as a party piece ey? It was really odd, June was coming back to give me some receipts when a lad who was apparently calmly walking down the street suddenly ran into the shop and slammed the door shut. A second or two later and June would have been in the shop but as it was I was stuck in the shop with a mad man and June was stood outside and neither of us knew what to do!  So I called the police and expected them to come soon but ten minutes later, and after he'd eventually left the shop, they called back and asked if he was still there and for a description of him. Ten minutes later the police came and I said 'well what's the bloody point?! Twenty minutes later!? I could have been dead!'. And they said 'well, we were out looking for him'.... Not for the first ten minutes you weren't because I hadn't given a bloody description. Unbelievable. I don't quite know what to say but I'm alright, the shop's alright and I've never seen him before so I don't imagine he'll be back. 
  • I've made some crosses with wire, stinking glue, some sticks and a saw!

  • I've made some changes on the internet like I said I was going to and I'm doing more but I've spent three days trying to do one thing but now that one thing looks like it might actually be working!
  • I have a date!
That's it - I'm off to get this one little bit working... 

Love Eleanor. 

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