Saturday, 25 August 2012


Being prepared for a lesson two months ahead of schedule is not like me at all funnily enough. I generally leave it to the week before and rush to print the night before whilst manically tidying the shop and cleaning the loo. But something's got a hold of my heart - and that something is most definitely entrelac.

I started this piece a couple of weeks ago when it occurred to me that I hadn't worked entrelac in an age and I probably needed to be fairly au fait with it if I stood any chance of teaching it successfully. It's full of mistakes (I won't point them out one by one), casting off was a pretty major obstacle but it came out of my little head and I was pleased with how much I did actually remember. 

I read around a little bit - consulted the half written pattern from a few years ago and came up with this which was a lot more satisfactory: 

Although - I've cropped it to within an inch of it's life so I can't prove to you that I have actually worked out how to cast off... I have. 

Both of them need a jolly good press but who on earth presses swatches?!

I guess I ought to explain a little of what it is. As I see it, it's like a diagonal basketweave made up of lots of diamonds and half diamonds. Each diamond is knitting back and forth over a few stitches (rather than knitting a whole long row like normal knitting). Successful entrelac requires a few tricky little manoeuvres like picking up stitches in purl, ssks, sssks, m1s and I believe truly successful and smooth entrelac knitting requires a knowledge of backwards knitting (as opposed to turning and purling) which is a little bugger to get your head around but so easy and worth it once you're there. 

You can do all sorts in entrelac, including shaping and textured work, you can work massive diamonds instead of six stichers or tiny, weeny little things, work it in mohair (how very retro!), work it in Regia Lace on big needles. Once you've got the basics - it's bloody easy to snazz it up. 

So - there's the sales pitch - we've got a lesson on it on October the 14th and we currently have four spaces left - I'd love to see you there. 

Now - here's my idea right...

See that tee there? I bloody love it! It's King Cole's pattern number 3491 in Bamboo Cotton DK - Navy

I love this shape - sort of just two big squares, you change the pattern just above the bust whilst doing a few increases for the arm. Knit for a while and then cast off. Sew up the sides, sew up the shoulders, pick something up and knit for the neck. Boom. Done.

So, I want to do that with this: 

100% Cotton 4ply in fuschia. 

But at the top - instead of lace - I'll be doing entrelac. Boom? What do you think?

Love Eleanor. 

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