Friday, 3 August 2012

A Present and a Request

A little while ago I got a call from a lovely lady from a local school - Candleby Lane School in Cotgrave to be precise. Click on the link above - it looks fantastic! They're doing something interesting there; they have a sort of mini farm going on. What a marvellous idea! The kids help muck out, look after and enjoy the animals. I'm a firm believer that all children should spend time with dirty fingernails and the smell of a muck heap in their noses - never did anybody any harm and generally does a lot of good. So far, so good ey?

She didn't just tell me about the school though, really she rang me to see if I had access to any spinners to see if they could do something with the fleece from their school sheep. I said 'Ohohoh yes, I have access to spinners' so here's where you come in... She wants to give you a whole fleece (that's the present) in return for some spun yarn (and it might be nice to give them some of the processed fibre too) so that the kids can see all of the parts of the process. I know spinners love to pass on the skill, it's one of them there 'dying arts' ain't it?

I asked for a few more details, and a photo of the sheep, and she sent it to me but our e-mail apparently went a bit mental and we didn't receive it so all I have is that she is called Lily and she's a Welsh Cross Charollais.

I did a little google to see if I could find a picture of what she might look like and I found this really cute thread - 15 years old and breeding sheep!? Good man.

I've replied back to Jan, who got in contact with me originally to see if I can get a photo. But until then, if you're interested, and they'd be really very grateful, give us an e-mail on knit at knitnottingham dot co dot uk or a ring on (0115) 947 4239 and we'll get you in contact with Jan. I'm sure it would do no harm to get in contact with the school directly either.

Isn't this a wonderful little project!!??!

Love Eleanor.

Edited - Sunday 05/08:

Blimey - this has caused some controversy! We seem to have struck a nerve about what a spinner's time is worth and whether it's worth spinning fleece that may not be top grade quality even for a good cause like this. Hmmm... I understand, I've been a bit burned out by knitting for other people recently. So much so that I'm having August off commissions. I might have a think about it and write a blog on what I think a skilled craft person's time is worth, ey? Until then I'm putting my head back under the parapet because I've got more pissed off about strangers on the internet than I should have done really - I'm sure we've all done that at times...

Anyway, we appear to have some talented and willing volunteers for the project and I know that the kids and the school will be most appreciative. But what I really wanted to show you is that some photos turned up! Here! Isn't she cute!?!?!?!?

Love again, Eleanor. :)

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