Thursday, 16 May 2013

All Fired Up.

Today I'm happy. 
Ecstatic and excited. 

Planning for events. 

There's a little haiku for you. Holidays do me good. :)

I want want want want want a bigger shop. We've talked about it for ages and I started a month or so ago squirreling money away for the purpose - to let the universe know that this. is. my. plan. Jonathon Cainer says that today I should have a 'young head on old shoulders' and keep a sense of fun and lightness about my being and my other horoscope says that I have a tremendous amount of luck coming my way! PLEASE!!!! I also dropped a mirror today, properly smashable speed and velocity and it didn't break or splinter or crack. Surely luck is coming my way!?!?! I'm crossing my fingers and touching wood. 

SOOOOOOOOO - How's about a fundraiser!? A good old fashioned day of fun for kids and families with a craft fair and raffle and knitting/crochet lessons at first leading to a boozey night with live music, bingo and dancers later on?!!?!?!?! YEAH!? Good idea!!!! DEAD GOOD!

So I've been ringing around for venues - I've thought about the Jam Cafe, the White Rabbit Tea Rooms, the Golden Fleece, Fade and the Hard to Find Cafe and (my personal favourite) the Alley Cafe

The ideas that we've come up with so far are that it's going to be carnival themed and called KNIT NOTTINGHAM'S CARNI-WOOL!!! How good it that!? Marsh Marsh came up with it. :):)

We've thought about a craft fair, cake stand, face painting, balloons, live music, wine tasting, bingo, raffles, pub quiz, burlesque dancers and naked waiters. Of course, not all of this will happen but wouldn't it be bloody good!

In terms of the craft fair - I know a lot of you will want to be part of it but hold your horses because we'll sort that at a later date with a call out. You'll be the first to know!!!

In terms of anything else - ideas!?!?!?!?! Help!?!?!?!?! Good idea?!!?!?!

Love Eleanor. 


  1. Depending on when you are thinking of holding the event, you could consider the venue at Bartons in Chilwell ( They've postponed some of their events for this year because of the tram works but definitely worth keeping in mind

  2. I'd be happy to bake something for the cake stand if I'm available!

    Try Fothergills if you're still looking for a venue, they've been BRILL since we've been having cake club there and they are right by the castle which is a super pretty location. Malt Cross is also a brilliant venue and have been quite helpful to us in the past.