Thursday, 30 May 2013


You know yeah? And the lady that set it up and runs it, Amy Singer? Fabulous designer? Knitting superstar and all around wonderful woman?


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Because I bloody can't! I bloody can't!!!

Let me rewind a bit. So, last Tuesday (I think) I checked the e-mails unnaturally early (I usually work up to it around 4 o'clock, bad business owner...) and there was one from Amy Singer. It crossed my mind that it might be her but then I though 'nah, it's obvs a well named customer' so I answered all the other queries and only got round to reading it when my sister was on the phone (telling me some awesome news). I went silent and felt a bit sick before reading it out to her and Caroline, my miserable sister who's always taking the mick out of me was as stunned as I was! It was AMY SINGER!!!

Amy sent me a list of the lessons that she can teach and they all sound excellent! Mostly they have a 'how to design' bent to them or at least how to really understand your knitting which is almost like designing anyway and I want to do them alllllll!!! Every single one! But we'll have to see what people fancy won't we?!

So the rest of the day was taken up by arranging meetings with hotels and museums and nice places to book as a venue. The shop isn't suitable being so small and, let's face it, a bit of a mess... So I've been in contact with the Contemporary (still snotty btw... I think I'll give up altogether with them), Wollaton Hall, the Galleries of Justice, all sorts of places!!! I went somewhere today that I've never been to before, in the centre of town with car parking and disabled access and I LOVED IT! V. posh!!!!! The price is good so I'm almost confirmed there I just need to take a peek around the private areas of the Galleries to see whether they'd be suitable (I really kind of hope they aren't because I don't want to have to make an actual decision...).

Then, ugh, on my way to seeing a hotel (which would have been too expensive anyway) I slipped over on a pavement outside of the Post Office and sprained my ankle. Balance. So for a few days I was feeling a bit miserable and not doing much but I am back. on. it. now. :)

So today I visited that lovely place and then I e-mailed Amy and now it's all confirmed that she's coming (unless something monstrous happens like the other shops pull out I suppose). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

So now I have to think of a billionty things like actually signing for the venue and promotion and getting it on the website and what I should charge and hotels and food and oh god. Just one little step at a time.

For a bit of forward planning, Amy will be coming to Nottingham in early October so keep your diaries empty and I'll be back here asap with details of how to book.


Soooo, we have a few options as to what lessons to put on. Here they are roughly:


Lace Shawl Designing,
Textured Shawl Designing,
Textured Sweater Designing, 
Random Cable Design, 
Making Lace Friendly,
How to Make it as a Knit Designer, 
Silk Spindle Spinning (for beginners).

Now, there are a couple that I really want to do myself so I'm crossing my fingers that you choose those ones but really, just hypothetically, tell me what you would do if money/dates weren't an issue? It'll help me work out what to do when.

Beauts. I'll leave you with this:

Just because. :)

Love Eleanor. 


  1. Exciting. Oh dear, what do I want to learn from an expert? No idea but I might just sign up for anything just so I can say I have met her.

  2. if no issue? ALL :-) Its very exciting!

  3. AMY SINGER! Screee knitting celebrity.

    If I have to choose. Then random cable design and making lace friendly, oh and the How to make it add a knit designer.

    Oooohh exciting.

  4. Wow! I am currently wearing one Knitty design and knitting 2 others. I LOVE Her site. Like @rissy I'd come to anything to say I'd met her but the sweater design and then shawl design and then making lace friendly.
    Exciting - woop!

  5. Thanks everybody - I think everybody's as excited as I am!!!

    We're also hoping to have a talk in a pub about how knitty came to be. Thought that would be lovely and a bit more boozey. :)