Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Regia Mix It Color Sock!

It feels like an age since I last introduced a yarn to you so I'm v. excited. (In fact, I've just looked back and I think it might have been the Opium in January???). Also, this one has sort of come in dribs and drabs so it's actually been hanging around the shop for a while. I'm going to be brutally honest, the only reason I bought it is because (the lovely) Jem offered me a knit print umbrella and some see through wellies for free. Look:

That's bloody brill ain't it!? Haha. It won't let me review the video and I've apparently deleted it from my computer so I've had to embed it from facebook and it looks like it might be massive so apologies.

And these:

Yeeeeeeah, they don't fit my chubby legs. Ha. 

The actual yarn arrived a bit earlier than I expected and there wasn't an umbrella or wellies and my heart sank. Just a massive poster that I can't fit anywhere in our tiny space. :( And then Jem told me that the wellies that they'd ordered stank and were causing allergies so we might not be able to actually have the wellies and that was a bit of a bugger. But they did source some because everybody got up in arms, so now we have wellies that don't fit that come from a company called 'Rampant Sports' or something or other. Ha. They also smell a bit rubbery if you know what I mean. And it looks terrible when I put the socks that came with the package in them: 

And I've tried stuffing them with all sorts. Ugh. But it does give me a use for the sock base I paid through the nose for and then never got round to knitting a sock for... :)

So, you can hopefully see that the colours are a bit brash and it creates it's own little 'fair isle' pattern (I usually refer to this as fauxisle so as not to confuse anybody). It's 75% virgin wool and 25% polyamide and there's 420m on a ball so it's a really standard sock yarn but obviously Regia is brilliant quality and there's a ten year guarantee (apparently nobody reads the ball band. But I did tell some customers today that they bring defective yarn back to me... you dont. You go here and find an address though I can't find it so maybe if it comes to it and you can't either then get back in contact with me and I'll shout at Jem. :) ). 

What I noticed in particular about this selection of yarn is how much bluuuuuuue there is. I think this is brill because, I hate to stereotype, but seriously - men don't want ridiculous coloured socks (with a few, brilliant exceptions). I've been absolutely shocked at the amount of silly-coloured-sock-hatred there is in the XY world. Seriously. To be fair, these aren't the most tame of colourways but they are blue and that seems to be acceptable. 

Soooooo, without further ado: 

In full and complete honesty, one of the blues in missing from that photo and I can't work out what it is. Ha. The differences are much more apparent in the balls. I'll make it easy - just click here to see the colours non-smudged. (And for the google rankings, this is the Regia Mix It Color Sock.)

I definitely wanted to show that there is a booklet to go with it though because as far as I can see it's bloody brill! It's a short row pattern heel (that they call a boomerang heel) and there are photos and illustrations to help you out with the tricky bits and it comes in three sizes which is lovely. That's available here. The socks are knee length so for the adult sizes you'll need either two balls or to knit them a bit shorter. 

But I want to give you all a gift if you've got this far because I'm nice like that. Soooooo: 

I've set up a discount code that I'll only promote here on this very blog! It is MixIt10 (I don't know if the capital letters count but you might aswell do it) and you'll get 10% off the yarn until the 9th of August (next Friday). Not available in the shop because of this next bit: 

I have five booklets to give away!!! I can make this much fairer if everything goes through the internet because then I'm not trying to keep up with who's bought what where and when. 

Soooo, if you want 10% off your socks and a free booklet then order over t'interwebs and if you want to come to the shop then just buy over the internet select the 'collect at shop' option and you won't be charged postage. Brill yeah? 

AND I have something else to give away! Blimey! See these little blighters: 

Well, they're tags to sew into your finished items. CUTE! I've no idea how many I have, or whether you'll want one for each sock or one per pair, but I'm going to give away two per ball until they're all gone so it's first come, first served. 

I also want to point out that it's now five (FIVE) months to Christmas and socks make bloody brill presents!

And I also want to tell you that there are some brill men in the world. Well, at least one. Look at what Robin bought me to cheer me up!!!!!!!

That's Sports Direct < 3 branded Tuppaware. Seriously. What a man! And he knits! It did cheer me right up. :) :) :) :)

Right, time to check e-mails and head home. 

Love! xx


  1. Ooh, very tempting, my hubbie keeps nagging me to knit him some socks...

  2. OOOOOOOOOOH! What a lucky husband he would be! :)