Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hopefully. Fingers crossed. With a little help from you lot. :)

All you have to do is click here and vote for us in the best Midlands shop and best internet shop section. We'd be most most most most most grateful!!! And you'll have the joy of shopping in the best yarn shop in the Midlands rather than the third best shop in the UK - that's got to count for something right?

If you're wondering what else to click then obviously King Cole is always the way to go. Otherwise, I have a special inkling for Noro, Patons, Fyberspates and Kate Davies. Baa Ram Ewe have been particularly good to us this year so surely them for the North of England? Get Knitted are brill as is the Yarn Cake in Glasgow.

Don't feel like I'm trying to influence you, these are just the ones that I love myself and I know that if you're not a knitter/crocheter - but somehow have a favourite yarn shop in the Midlands because we're so bloody brill then you'll need some other options to choose because they won't let you fill in just one bit. Does that make sense? Mostly I want to beat Deramores - I'm sure they're lovely people and I know the service is brill but as a tiny independent they just seem like a big megalith who charge far more than we ever would but get the custom because they're so shiny.

So, deffo vote for us and we'll love you forever (partners/husbands/children/parents/cousins/grandparents/greatgrandparents/uncles/aunties/next-door-neighbours are allowed to vote too...). :)

In other news, can you remember when I was searching to find my mum the perfect cross stitch? I wrote about it here. I bought it in the end - had to save up and everything and mum LOVED it. Took her a few days to pluck up the courage to start mind but she did and she's plugged away at it every evening since. And then. And then. And then. We realised that she's done the whole bloody thing the wrong way round so she'll run out of room at the bottom. She gave up for a while. But I have clever and experienced customers! I spoke to Claire who mentioned that if there's a spot where the cross stitch goes all the way across the piece then you can add a new piece of aida and cross stitch it into position. Technically there isn't, but we've found a spot towards the bottom where there is a stitch in all but 10 squares so we're going to design a little flower to plug the hole and hope for the best. As with all of the best crafts there are mistakes all the way through so that little mistake will not look out of place. As Dee often tells me, only Allah is perfect. :)

Here's what it looks like at the exact half way point:

It looks like a painting doesn't it? Amazing. Dead proud. 

In other other news. Yarndale has sold out! As have the lovely crochet hooks!

And I think (can't tell you for definite if this is true without checking) but I think, that this has been our best day ever in terms of sales (certainly if you include the internet). On a Tuesday? In July? What are you lot on!?!?! THANKS!!!!! I've used all of the money to pay King Cole and the lady in accounts smiled (you know how you can sometimes tell over the phone) which is a rarity but v. welcome. I think she likes us. :)

OOOOOH and also - the new Knit Now has hit the shelves it's here: 

Lots of lace. Very lovely. Particularly the one skein book which I know will be useful for a lost of you stashers. 

On the internet here. And if you notice the back issues all have £1.50 off because I'm trying to clear the little pile of one or two issues that haven't been sold. Then we can start again. :)

Right, that's got to be it, I need to tidy for June in the morning, then do some sewing (ugh), then ring some customers, then get to knit club and then text a v. handsome boy that I've been speaking to lately (mwahahahahaha!). 

Love Eleanor. xx

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