Friday, 28 June 2013

Can you say 'Procrastination'?

Today has been a design day. I knew the shop would be slow (though you lot have surprised me a bit) so I hunkered down with lots of coffee. I thought I'd brought some cake but apparently I forgot that. Perhaps why I haven't been as productive as I should have been...

So, today is a blog about a thought or two to get it down on paper (as it were...).

To start with, whilst browsing facebook (essential for a productive day I find), I clicked on this link. It's a blog post by Doris Chan about how she chooses yarn for her crochet projects and a bit about her design process. Pretty interesting. I clicked through a few pages, I must admit I didn't realise that she had a blog and I do love a good blog but they very specifically need to post at least two or three times a week before I'm interested properly so I'll have to keep an eye out. I clicked through onto a payment page for this little project:

Not my usual style. I think it looks a lot like 'crochet', kwim? I find it difficult to put into words without being a bit offensive (and I try not to be offensive to people that don't deserve it). I suppose it's a bit fussy and old fashioned? But I do also have a friend who would love something with a dog doing a flip in it and I've only ever filet crocheted a swatch before so I hopped on over to rav to see if I could find anything of any more interest to me. Before I even did that, this little beaut popped up. Seriously, look!


And then I was reminded of this pyt: 

Looking back through the facebook group  it appears that I found that on the 9th of March and I know I bought the yarn for that the very same day (King Cole CottonSoft DK in Cherry), popped it in stash and promptly forgot about it. I can't start a new project that's very similar to a project I've already got the yarn for before I've even started said project, can I? Can I!? 

Besides, I've only just managed to cast off the back piece on Dad's Father's Day/Christmas 2012 jumper...

AND! A lovely customer called Ann came in today. She has an obsession with blankets. LOTS of blankets and an occasional ill-fated jumper. She put together a delicious mix of mostly Pricewise and Comfort DK and a little bit of Dolly Mix, Patons Diploma Gold DK but most importantly the Cygnet Merino Superwash DK in Kingfisher. 

What a photo! I was trying to get a photo of me giving the yarn a little kiss. But I'll settle for the constipated look seeing as the colour looks the closest to what it is in real life.

Anyway, I have a big bag of ten of these suckers that would make me something like this: 




But none of this gets my designing done. And the only reason I allowed myself not to clean, tidy and sort on this miserable day when I thought no customers would be in was to knit and design these little cuties: 

And at the end of the day, I know it's all just one big long procrastination because all I want to be doing it knitting THIS: 

Which I can't tell you anything about but is dancing around in my little brain and won't be forever because it's a boring stitch so I half think I need to knit as much as I can whilst the inspiration is there and I half think that watching Big Brother whilst knitting something as brilliant as that is too enjoyable to be called work. So instead of doing something enjoyable and productive for the shop, I end up spending the day browsing Rav and listening to Destiny's Child. What a plonker. 


Love Eleanor. x

P.s. I still haven't looked up filet crochet patterns... what a tit. 

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