Friday, 14 June 2013

Pattern Addition

We have some new patterns. Well, actually they're pretty old but I lost them under a pile of magazines, yarn and FO's... Bad yso...

There are a few beauts in this new batch. Beauts I tell you. I've already cast two things on. If you're on facebook you'll have seen my question as to whether this colourway is suitable for little girls:

I try not to have much to do with gender stereotypes but I thought this might be too dull for any child and too pink for a boy? I don't know. Old fashioned. Anyway, you lot said it was brill so I cast this on: 

I can't actually say I'm keen but people have been pawing it all day so apparently other people are! :)

Can't be that bad though because I started a pair of these: 

SQUEEEEEEEEEE! I haven't knitted booties forever!

Anyway, the patterns are here and here and it's various colours of the Pricewise DK and a colour of Fab DK that I haven't got on the internet yet (slap my wrist).

So, click here for the patterns. And here's the obligatory pastiche (good word!): 

And I'm going to take the unusual step of highlighting a couple of them because this is a seriously good set of patterns!

Firstly, you may or may not know how much I dislike ponchos but I seriously dislike them. They make my blood boil. But, how, how on earth, am I going to live without one of these in my life!?!?!?!

King Cole have gone overboard with CUTE baby stuff! Almost enough to make me want a baby in the vicinity that I can clothe. And reclothe. And reclothe again. 

A ONESIE! King Cole 3734. And they've promised me an ADULT version. OmG oMg OmG oMg.

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING CUTER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!? Rest assured, when I've finished some of the twenty million projects I've cast on this week I will be knocking up a King Cole 3722 myself. Perhaps in the sage and cream of the Cygnet Aran. Ooooooweeeeeeee. It's beauts ain't it!?!?! Seriously! 

And finally, it came to my attention last week that people might think that I'm cool or sophisticated or know where I'm going in my life. Ohohohohohoh. I am a tit. Let this little tale prove it to you. On Wednesday I decided to start a jumper for Father's day. Because I can totes knit a jumper in four days and run a shop and get these patterns on the internet and finish my commissions and have a social life and watch Big Brother and sleep. Totes. Well. Today, Pat came into the shop for a chat and I'd not got to the position where I could do any work so I settled down with this easy knitting - knit a row, purl a row, knit a row blah blah blah. Couldn't be easier could it? I set it down to admire it: 


Apparently some point yesterday I dropped a load of stitches and didn't notice. Didn't notice that the row was 20 stitches short (that's about four bloody inches short). And there's your proof that I'm a tit. 

Love Eleanor. 

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