Thursday, 6 June 2013

All the good things.

Hi all!!!!!

A big catchup is required I think.

Firstly and foremostly I'm going to be doing a SPEECH infront of the commission for Derbyshire police tomorrow! And MP's and councillors too but that's less exciting. I've chosen to speak about crime and how it affects me as a small business so it's almost certainly going to be a big rant about the break in, the hostage situation and the trade waste.

(Did I tell you blogees that the police man did finally turn up about the break in? A month after it happened. Telling me that nobody was going to get caught because there was no CCTV and no witnesses. Fine. But, he says, when the little blighter (I added that bit to sound more policey) turns up for another crime the fingerprints would allow us to pin it to him. What fingerprints? Fingerprints were never taken Mr. Policeman. He wasn't happy, he said 'have you still got the glass?'. Well, no, not after you told us to chuck it... RANT!).

After the speeches, which have to be ten minutes long and now more (ugh!), we're getting a free three course meal!!!!! It's paid for by the FSB btw not the council so don't worry too much. Vezza's coming with me so I'm going to get her to film and if it's good enough I'll share. They told us to wear business attire - but seriously - me? Business attire? I'm wearing my lovely black and white stripey dress. :)

On Monday I went to a place called Trimcraft in Hucknall. It's a wholesalers for the craft business and I bloody loved it!

Look at that place!!!

I got lost on the way and ended up in Aldi where I was chatted up by a supremely handsome man who seemed brill and then turned out to be a tit but on the day I was really happy and the sun was out (I also bought myself some chocolate flavour cereal - will I ever grow out of that!?). 

I bought £300 of stuff there and I thought I'd struggle to spend £50 - culminating in buying a MASSIVE cross stitch of Henry the Eighth and all of his wives. It's bloody lovely! I've recently become a little obsessive about Tudor documentaries (and the Regency) so it seemed appropriate but when am I honestly going to get around to doing cross stitch? It'll have to be one of those things that gets done for an hour a year - must remember to keep it all together. I'll post progress shots as we go. 

The rest of the week has been a mixture of knitting a cabled poncho which seems really hardgoing because it's really inappropriate weather wise but it will be done, crocheting this beaut: 

Which was a t-shirt and is now a bag (some sort of pattern-ish-thing to come over the next few days), and adding squares to this: 

Which will be THREE blankets (maybe four now...). I've written about it somewhere before now I think but not in much detail so let's see what I can do now ey? Well, I've been doing a lot of crochet lessons recently because it's just so damn popular. They're always all booked out and people can't get enough of it! We make a granny square on the first lesson and I try to make one per person so that they can really study what they're doing, some people choose to take theirs home with them which is fine and others leave them so I was gaining a collection of random granny squares in five layers. Then we had the sale where the Cygnet DK was £1 and one day I just started granny squaring. When the Pricewise DK came into stock and I had to test it for you lot all I wanted to do was granny square it. So I had a few random colours of squares and a balls worth of dusky purple, sage green and bright-in-your-face red. What can you do with all of that!? So I decided to do more colours and make a rainbow blanket but I didn't want to do maths to work out how much of each colour I wanted so I've just done the whole ball of any colour that I like. And that's going to leave me with far too many squares for one blanket, so I'll make two. And then I found some stash of colours that I had no idea I had so fine, I'll make three. And now it's just looking like it might be four. Which is brill because I have homes for three and I could give one away as a prize at the extravaganza! 

That's as much explanation as that needs. I'm working on 300ish squares per blanket and I have 200 at the moment so we'll see. I may not have enough colours to do what I want which is a sort of pixellated rainbow but we'll see. 

I've also been to see the Galleries of Justice which is an amazing place but I can't work out if it's right for what we want so I'm hoping once this police thing is out of the way I can think a bit straighter. I'm incredibly tired today for some reason so I'm no pushing anything. Maybe it's the nerves? 

Also,  but yesterday and today I've had a small clearout and found these mags to sell for the new shop fund. I sold some in the shop as I was sorting them out so it's a less impressive pile that it was but they're good mags and in good condition. Most of them have lost the free gift though (especially if it's knitting related rather than card making related *yawn* - sorry card makers...). 

I think that may be all. Watch out for some new patterns and needles/notions/hooks over the next few days. I have a fair bit to get on the internet and no time/inclination to do it today. So much to do and so little time!

OH! I nearly forgot - look at this video - it's my nephew getting excited about Amy Singer. I know he's in the bath but it is decent and it might be the sweetest thing you'll ever see in your life!

I also forgot about this beaut of a photo: 

It was Rebecka and Jem's joint birthday party and loads of the girls from knit club were there to eat, drink and be merry. This photo sums it up really nicely. :):):):)

Right, I'm off for some coffee. 

Love Eleanor. 

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