Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tee Shirt Market Bag Pattern. Beauts.

Or is it t-shirt? Or t shirt? Or tee? I don't really care  - it's my pattern. Mwahaha.

As usual, I'll be bothering the vocabulary down below, so if you haven't got the time or patience, click here for the pattern and here for the rav link. :)

So, I've been talking about it and promising a pattern for a little while now - the photos were taken on mine and Vezza's posh day out.  I've genuinely been meaning to do it but I've been trying to finish commissions (not happened), boozing at Knit in Public day (did happen. Very badly.) and shopping with my mum! This week just seems to have flown by! And the two weeks before actually disappeared before I had a chance to live them... 

Anyway, I started the tee-shirt whilst Dee was in the shop during one of the weeks that disappeared I think. I kept looking just behind her left shoulder and seeing three colours in the Patons 100% Cotton DK that shouldn't have been together sitting happily on the shelf. And then I thought, well it's hot and I ought to make myself a tee shirt (it was a lie. I. do. not. need. another. knitted. or. crocheted. tee. shirt.). 

The next day I realised it was a bit of a mental colour combo, especially seeing as my new year resolution was to wear more black but I was enjoying the variation of spike stitch - simple, easy and effective and I still loved the colours together so I decided to make it into a bag. It's not how I would have designed a bag if I'd have thought about it but it's functional, big and I've used it every day since... 

I struggled to get a gauge for you for the very reason that I've used it every day and it's stretched out a good way. It's for that reason that I would recommend making only four or five repeats rather than my six. And the same reason that I'm glad that I used the Patons 100% Cotton DK rather than the Bamboo Cotton or the Cottonsoft - they're both just a bit too stretchy for this kind of thing and a market bag needs to be properly bash-about-able too. Thinking about it, the King Cole Craft Cotton would be a lovely replacement if you're looking for a slightly less in your face colour combo (and woohoo, I think that's the first time I've mentioned the Craft Cotton in the blog!). 

I've written the pattern for beginners really, but I'm expecting you to know the stitches (or be able to look them up...), how to use turning chains and how to work in spirals. The two bits that I think might cause some bother I've written up some how-to pdf's for you so that more experienced crocheters don't get a too busy pattern but new crocheters aren't left in the cold. Aren't I brill!?!?!?! 

So, without further ado: 

I'll mention at this point that it hasn't been test crocheted so if you struggle at all get in contact with me and I'll help you and put the pattern right. 

And, as seems to happen more often than not, this bag has a theme tune. Enjoy: 

Let me know how you get on!

Love Eleanor. 

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