Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I forgot to show you these videos. The first one is the cat enjoying the mouse that Lou (I think?! I will get your name one day...) from Loobylou Creations made for him.

Sorry it's sideways (unless it's righted itself now, it does that sometimes...).

And the second one is the cat, catnipped up to the eyeballs, enjoying crochet more than Boyf would like. Mwahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha:

I really enjoy Lou's creations and her blog. Chronic pain affects a fair few of my customers and I love that knitting and crochet (not so much crochet in Lou's world... One day!) offers a bit of gentle solace. And it's useful too. Look at this photo:

It's a cat from an adoption centre looking particularly happy with a mouse that she made. Ahhhhhh!

Check out the blog here and enjoy.

That's it. I can't talk about cats anymore because I'll be looking up ones to adopt. Off for more coding.

Love Eleanor.xxxx

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