Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Deffo Not On Top Form.

You can tell I wasn't on top form yesterday. My lunch, as a grown woman buying her own food, was four dry ryvitas and a punnet of strawberries. Right-o. Mooooooving on.

I need to tell you about Knit in Public! It was marvelous! But not very debauched and I do believe that debauched-ness makes a KIP event, yes? Certainly last year we were *this* close to getting chucked out of the poacher - I took offense to somebody's definition of sock yarn (NYLON people NYLON!). Anyway, lovely stuff happened this year too. I'll show you:

We went to Fade and the Hard To Find Cafe just up Mansfield Road. It wasn't very busy and we took over one of the back rooms. A few of us turned up and then the Picnic organised by Knit in Notts turned up so there were many more. I reckon there were about 20 of us at the busiest point which was just perfect.

I set myself up near the entrance and started some steady drinking:

I laid the free stuff out on the table and people dived right in. Elaine was particularly pleased with her horrendous candy pink fun fur:

Hmmmm. Different strokes for different folks. To be fair, the plans for this stuff do sound pretty cute. Maybe I'll remember to keep you updated??

Steph baked AMAZING biscuits!

As did Singing Bird Artist but I forgot to take a photo because I am a tit. 

We discussed important upcoming projects, like this:

It's the Pearl Clutcher from Ravelry and once you've seen it you can't unsee it. I have genuinely spent some time trying to decide if I could get away with it? Perhaps in reallllllllly subtle colours?

On the way home I saw a friend I haven't seen in ages and we went for a drink and then I went to Boyf's where I made a giggly tit of myself infront of the in-laws. :) GOOD DAY!

I'll end this once more with an apology. This next super secret is taking it out of me a bit. It's consumed every day of my life since I first stumbled upon the idea and there's no end in sight just yet - especially seeing as the meeting about it that was supposed to happen last week isn't happening until the end of this week. I'm spending my time making more of the stuff but I'm not actually sure if I should be but where one door closes another one opens yes? So I'm in a weird place where I'm making stuff but I'm not sure what for but I have a self-imposed semi-deadline which is a lot more relaxed than it was the week before last but is still taking it out of me physically and creatively. My pointing finger on my left hand will never be the same. Suffice to say, in the three weeks since I've been consumed by this and therefore not blogging as much I've made, five and three halves of a blanket, two dresses, two jumpers, two cardigans, a soft toy, some booties, some bunting and a bowl. It does not stop. Anyway, I have some photos that I can show you without giving too much away.

That's certainly not all the bits, but they are the photos that I've already released and I've not been doing the secret for about an hour now so I'm starting to feel a bit antsy like I want to get back to it so I couldn't work out which of the ones I haven't released that I'm allowed to release. Oh. fml. This is going to be my whole summer isn't it? Haha. But once it's done it will be worth it! And you'll love it toooooooo. :):):):):)

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

 P.s. The Knit Now Mag's in and it's bloody brill!

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