Friday, 4 July 2014

Voting is now liiiiiiiiive!!!

Voting's now live for the Let's Knit British Knitting Awards! We've been nominated for Best Local Yarn Shop in the Midlands and Best Local Yarn Shop Day Experience. I am absolutely thrilled about this! Thrilled!

You do not know how excited I get about our tiny little shop playing with the big boys like Deramores and Black Sheep Wools. It takes an awful lot to keep this going - sometimes it's fraught and stressful and sometimes it's absolutely incredible. Seriously, like no other job. I hope you feel like you're part of this incredibleness (and I hope I hide the stress and fraught-ness from you, that's why I've not been blogging too much to be fair...) because you are this incredibleness.

Knit Nottingham is all about the people - me obvs, but it literally wouldn't happen without you and we hope you know that your continued support (by buying, spreading the word, coming to events and voting on stuff like this... ;) ) is what keeps this place going. I think it's easy to feel separated from businesses when they're big enough that you don't know the owner. Honestly, the £15.00 that you spend on a sweater here pays the shop's rent. The connection between you and the shop is that simple. Isn't that amazing?!

And with that in mind you have the opportunity here to win a prize for ALL OF US! Stuff like this gets our name out to other people. These other people might be our future friends or have some amazing way of knitting a heel to tell us about or, when you're skint, they might be the ones that pay the £15.00 that pays the rent. This is massive! GET TO IT! Haha.

A few people have asked me for suggestions for answers. I hate doing this but I don't want you to feel lost. Essentially, answer King Cole where you can, Regia where you can't answer that, and don't forget that you have the opportunity to suggest other options if you want... So questions like Best Knitting Book might be answered by 'King Cole Christmas Knits by Zoe Halstead' (because she's great, local and she came to Yarn Shop Day!). Best Website is obvs Ravelry - I don't believe that's even a question. Best Blog?! Why Attic 24! She's AMAZING! Favourite Event has to be Yaaaaaaaarndale! Best Online Store could be couldn't it!? Best Knitting Designer/Pattern House? Yours truly. That's Eleanor Burke of Knit Nottingham... ;) Best Independent Yarn Brand? Truly Bloody Hooked. Natch. 

Now, please don't think I'm forcing your hand. I'm not. But, as I say every year, husbands/wives/partners/girlfs/boyfs/sisters/brothers/mums/dads/inlaws/pets/children/nieces/nephews....? They ALL benefit from the stuff bought from us, yeah? Therefore if they were to take 10 minutes of their time to vote for us in the appropriate categories then they might need help, as non-knitters, in deciding where their other votes go.

Don't forget that you don't need to vote in other areas of the country if you don't want. And honestly, I don't care what else you vote for, as long as you vote for us in our categories. I honestly feel SICK with excitement! I sooooo want to go to London again!

Hope that helps folks, I promise I will be back with chatter at some point. Let me get over this first. I miss you!!!

Once again, here's how to vote - CLICK CLICK CLICK.

Love Eleanor. xxx

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