Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A series?!?

Remember the posts - on being a fart and on being a fart part two? Probably not I'd guess, but this is pretty much 'on being a fart part three' so I am thinking of doing a series.

Unfortch, I can't actually tell you a lot about the pattern or the yarn. It's a bit of a secret until another time. Yes, readers, I'm getting tired of the secrets too. But the supersecret is coming to an end. Everything has been agreed, contracts are about to be signed and I just have the tiniest little bit of work to do. Once the secret's out then the overall project will continue but I won't have to be so secretive about it next time. I promise it's worth it!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I always have a holiday project - yeah? You should too. It's dead hard to get it right though - you need something that's going to last the whole holiday and hopefully not going to take up too much space. You need something that will keep you interested and entertained but be pickable upable and putable downable. That's a difficult one. My Oranje was pretty cool:

Basically it was just round and round and round for ever but what kept it interesting were the decreases and increases every now and again and the fact that I was getting to REALLY COOL colourwork pretty soon. It didn't get finished on holiday but pretty soon after. Dead good.

The next holiday I started this beaut:

It's the Eight Petal Rose Sweater and it's gorgeous! But it was just too much. Also, that was the shit holiday to Ilfracome - shit people, shit weather, shit illness, shit cat dying. Blurgh. It's still on the go and I do drag it out occasionally to remind myself that I am a good, if incredibly slow, knitter...

Anyway, this holiday, I decided to start a brand new sweater as a shop sample. It's my favourite of some brand new ones from King Cole in a new yarn that I can't tell you about. I did think it was kind of a mistake because I REALLY want this sweater for myself and it's very rare that I'm able to knit the same thing twice so I'll never be able to have my own. *sob* Anyway, here it is enjoying the beach:

That was just before I reached 8.5" which is where the armhole shaping started! I was bombing ahead! 

Only, 8.5" isn't bloody long enough is it? I'm somewhere between 40-44" chested now, depending on lots of things like the time of the month and my bra but basically, under 38" and I'm just not that interested. Everything becomes just 'small' in the same way that everything below Nottingham becomes 'the South' which is really just 'London'. So, it didn't matter to me that I was knitting a 32" size with the length of a two year old - that's just what 'small' people do. Hahah. What a tit.

I only realised when I'd got basically to the bit where you start shaping around the neckline. I was on the phone to my mum (at Sandringham we had some rare phone signal) and I was just skimming to get to the bit where I needed when I saw 18.5". Eighteen and a half inches. Not bloody eight and a half. Ugh. Boyf was absolutely crestfallen. He kept saying 'but you can't rip it out!' and 'all that work!'. But I knew better. I knew that I'd been a tit before, I'll be a tit again and there's absolutely no bloody way to fudge a 10" mistake. Hahaha. Even I know that.

Ahh well. It got ripped and now I'm about back to where I was. Only I've miscrossed a cable. But only Allah is perfect. And actually, I can start a new thread on the blog so it's all worked out for us. Which makes me wonder - do any of you have any being a fart stories? Want to write a post for us? Let me know and you could be a fart-star for the day! :)

Love Eleanor. xxx

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