Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Boyf's First Pattern.

Many of you were dead impressed by Boyf's first made up thing, a beautiful flower,  and I told you I was forcing him to write a pattern. Here it is!

It's featuring in pride of place at the left hand side of the window as we speak:

Can you see it? Here's a closer look:

He's dead proud. I'm dead proud. And here's the pattern. Bits I've added are in italics because he's never had to read a crochet pattern seeing as he's got a crochet genius on hand.... ;)

Boyf's First Daisy

4mm hook. 
Oddments of black, green and orange DK yarn (the orange and black could happily be swapped for other colours). 
A sewing up needle. 

Matters not in the slightest. 

You'll probably want to have made a granny square before because this is written more like a recipe.

Basic Middle and Petal Shape: 

6 chains in a circle.
5 sets of trebles with 2 chains in between.
5 sets of corners with no chains in between.

make one of these in black.

make five of these in orange but before you break off slip stitch a side of the orange one to a side of the black one.


6 chains.
treble back and forth to the length that you want before you break off slip stitch to the back of one of the black sides.

Leaves (make two):

10 chains.
slip stitch, 2 double crochets, 2 half trebles, 2 trebles, 1 half treble, 2 double trebles, carry on on the back of the chain and do the same thing again.
slip stitch around the whole of the leaf.
sew it on.

It's good yeah? It's almost like a real pattern! He genuinely thought of it himself and I know he'd be thrilled if you did one and sent the photo in to us. Even if he'd act indignant and somehow turn the conversation round to complaining about the trams...

I'm off to add this to Ravelry. Yeah. This deserves a place on Rav. :) ETA: And here's the Rav link. Make make make please. :)

Love Eleanor. (and Boyf). xxxxxx

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