Tuesday, 15 July 2014


What a response to the yarn boxes! I really feel like I'm taking on a responsibility here, silly as that sounds. I'm just so excited about picking the gifts and getting the photography done - I've told Boyf that we've got to take his posh camera on holiday so get some really good ones - no more of my smashed screen wonder...

Can you see? Haha. It happened at the end of the coach trip in May, I was busy knitting and the coach braked suddenly and everything went flying! My ball of yarn went from the back of the bus right to the front under all the seats - it was like pass the parcel to get it back to me. And that happened. It's somewhere between £60 and £95 to get it fixed so I just keep putting it off. Blurgh. Anyway... Nice photos.

I've also had an idea about a CROCHET yarn box! It was always the plan to sort of alternate knitting and crochet boxes but I actually woke up with a fully formed idea so this might happen just a little bit before it might have done. I'm even, in my madness, thinking I might get it done and written up before I go on holiday so that I an photograph it there like I'm planning to with the 'Three Ships' box. Hmmmmm. Madness. But a possibility.

Anyway, let's calm this right down because I have a BRAND NEW YARN! to show you. And boy, oh boy is it a beaut! Firstly, let's grab a theme tune:

Can't beat a bit of funk. Mmmmmm. Now, this is the yarn that caused this little text convo which apparently had the rep's wife in stitches. What? You mean no other yso talks to their reps like this?!?!

Then I'm just going to pop this here. Take a moment to appreciate it's beauty:

Oh YES! Have you ever wanted the Galaxy in ALL THE COLOURS?!?!?!!? Well, I'm not surprised because I bloody have! And now King Cole have listened to all of our inner thoughts and provided a 'hold-along' yarn that we can work WITH ANYTHING WE WANT to make a sparkly beaut! Now, it's actually not as mental as it looks when it's knitting along with something - I might even go as far as to say... it's subtle...

See what I mean? That's the pattern 4055 (I'm not going to make the 'inspiring name' joke but seriously...). The rest of the patterns are here. And the yarn itself is here.

Now, as subtle and lovely as this looks I also just want to KNIT THE WHOLE THING UP ON ITS OWN BECAUSE OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG IT'S BLOODY SPARKLY! Yeah? I have IDEAS. And no time, no I'm a professional yarn box designer. Haha. There's time. I'm always saying to you lot when I can see you getting over excited and wanting to buy everything in the shop that there's time. Yarn doesn't just disappear. But seriously. Giz!

It comes in a range of seven colours - black with black sequins, silver sequins and multi-sequins, silver with silver and multi sequins and gold with gold and multi sequins. All called ridiculous names like 'Galactica' (I've never had to type that before in my life. Haha. I've borrowed an idea from another shop and done a 'grab pack' of one of each colour. I can see somebody buying that for making Christmas gifts and ornaments (ugh, I've mentioned in twice in two days, I'll stop now). And of course you save money that way, but really, it's cheap as chips when you factor in that you get 393 metres (that's three hundred and ninety three metres) per ball. WHAT??! How is that even possible? I'm not questioning, dear readers, I'm just knitting. Or dreaming about knitting. Somebody should have told me about the sacrifices you have to make when you're a successful yarn shop owner. Not being able to knit what I want to knit NOW. Ugh.

And one more time to help with the google rankings - presenting the gorgeous, delightful, sparkly, warkly, funky-yet-subtle, yarn-of-my-dreams - King Cole Cosmos. Go forth KnitNottinghamites and brighten up even the darkest days. :)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxxxx

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