Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dirty Rascal Yarn Box

Oh me oh my! Three posts in nearly as many days! We're really spoiling you. Haha.

I've been taken over by the urge to crochet - I knew it would happen. When I released the 'Three Ships Came Sailing Pi' yarn box on Monday straight away I started being told off about not having a crochet one. It was always part of the plan but pressure makes me work much harder so by the time I'd woken up on Tuesday I had a fully formed idea in my head. I worked all day on Tuesday on that pattern... and then decided I hated it. Mmmm. Not hate so much as, not quite sure it's got the general appeal that it should have when you're buying a pattern in secret. I want to make sure that the most of you get the most out of this you see. And if it's to be a regular thing then you need to like them - it's a responsibility, especially for somebody like me that's so in love with neon and sparkles. The things that I provide have to be enjoyable to make, pleasing on the eye, easy to wear, simple for newer makers, interesting for experienced makers. Oh my! It's a challenge. I think I've done it with this one though. I am dead pleased.

On a related note - if the shop ever goes tits up - I could totes be an illustrator. Yeah? :)

Click her to buy the box if you need to know no more... 

Anyway, on with the box - it's a corker!

Your Pattern: 

It's a secret. Obvs. But what I can tell you is: 

- it's crochet - 
- it's an accessory -
- it's worked all in once piece but there are three 'bits' to it -
- one of those bits is entitled 'murder holes' -
- if that doesn't make you want to do it then you're dead to me -
- the stitches are simple - 
- the construction is unusual -
- it will come in printed format and with a code for a Ravelry download -

Your Yarn:
 These are your colour options. All I can tell you is: 

- the yarn is a wool blend -
- it's not a solid colour - 
- it's one of our best sellers and I adore it - 
- it's easy to crochet with -
- and easy to look after - 

Your Other Bits:

- hand made stitch markers on the theme - 
- a code for free shipping on the same yarn - 
- a sneaky peek at a brand new yarn only available in the shop from September - 
- other gifts that I'm going to find when I'm on holiday - 
- a walk through of the design ideas that will be absolutely fascinating! - 
The box will be beautifully presented and sent to you  like a gift. The idea is that you receive something really special to brighten up your day. It's an awful lot of effort going in to this - especially as you all know what a slattern I am... 

Now, I'm giving you 10% off this like I did with the 'Three Ships' box but the offer can't last as long as that one did because I'm literally on holiday as of 6am Saturday morning. So, to be reasonable, it's £18.00 if you buy before 10pm on Friday the 18th of July and £20.00 thereafter. Payments must be made by the 27th of July and the boxes will be sent no later than the 7th of August. See, it's all the same as the knitters - I do love you hookers. 

Once again, click here for the link. 

And that's it. Now I need to do some serious tidying to leave the shop reasonable for June.

Love. xxxxxxxx

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