Monday, 4 August 2014

A Door Stop and More Importantly...


Have I told you lot about my marrows? I've become domesticated. I have a garden. It is a bloody brill garden. The first thing that started growing way back when (when is it you start planting things? I did it at the right time) was my marrow. I love him. He was the first thing I planted out and I've since found out I should have 'hardened him off' (is that the right thing to say? Sounds rude. *snigger*) but I didn't and he has survived. THRIVED! Look:

That's what he was. And this is what he is:



He produced his first marrow about a week before my holiday to Norfolk and I chopped him up into some delicious (homegrown) pea, marrow and curry soup. We took some with us for the journey and there was none left when we got back even though it was supposed to be frozen. TOO BLOODY DELICIOUS!

Monster Plant produced *another* whilst we were away that was picked by the bloke helping with the garden far too early for my liking. And since that Mr MP has been busy working away at this:

The lighter was for scale but the photo still doesn't accurately convey the sheer MASS of this beautiful fruit. It's the size of a toddler. A small one. BUT IT GREW AN INCH OVER NIGHT! Imagine if all good things would grow an inch over night! I'm honestly considering showing him - I WOULD FIT RIGHT IN! I've left him on the plant to grow even more gargatuan and harvested these beauts: 

That's 3.8 kilos. THREE POINT EIGHT KILOS! Of marrow deliciousness that made my dinner last night: 

Delicious. Fresh garden herbs too. And will make marrow curd and more marrow, pea and curry soup tonight.  MAYBE! If I don't collect the cat that I'm supposed to collect tonight!!!!!!

She's called Versace. Not for much longer! But we might not get her tonight. It might be tomorrow. I don't know. I'M JUST TOO EXCITED! And I will explain more about her when we have her and I have more than this grainy photo. Isn't she beautiful?!

And then on to the real meat of the blog post. Only I cooed over marrows and a cat for so long I don't have long to talk about it. Anyway, let me begin: 

So, that's what it looked like. Remember? Ratty and dirty. Ugh. 

I had to cut off the cover because I'd made it not to be removeable because I needed the strength. It was strangely satisfying cutting into my old work. 

This is what's underneath. Full of holes and manky. Ugh. It was leaving sand all over the place.

These are the colours I chose out of my spare wool. The mad one's Fab DK, the cream one's Cygnet Aran, the blue one's Comfort DK and the yellow one's King Cole Merino Aran. I thought better of using the dark blue because it's chunky and just a little too different.

Then Kayleigh came in with her GORGEOUS ripple blanket and I decided that it needed to be on my door stop. So I did it. Thanks Kayleigh.

And these were the bits. I just messed around for the end bits. Then I sewed the bigger ripple strip to the square bits at the end and then I sewed it up around the handle. 

I made the handle by chaining the right amount and working htr back and forth in each colour and then sewed it on around the handle. Again it can't be taken off but I think that will make a stronger item and that's good because loads of kids mess around with it like it's a handbag. 

 And the final product:

Worst photo ever but I've just heard about the cat and we're getting her TONIGHT!

I'm gone. LOVE. xxxxxx
p.s. in no way was this blog checked. CATCATCATCAT!

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